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   Chapter 1352 Extra Story 107 Of Edgar Astonishment

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Maggie's statement and brief introduction to her research took over half an hour to deliver. While she was speaking, Addison didn't interrupt her. He only uttered the odd "hmm" once in a while to indicate that he was listening to her carefully. Seeing no emotion on his calmly composed face, Maggie felt a bit nervous. Without thinking she drank some of the orange juice to relieve her dry mouth. It seemed that, despite her preconceptions, she didn't view the person in front of her as a child at all. Instead, he had become more like an examiner in her eyes.

"Aunt Maggie, your analysis is quite precise, and you've even taken almost all of the problems involved in the change in ballistic curvature into consideration," Addison commented seriously after she finished speaking. His words sounded objective, neither flattering her nor belittling her. "But have you considered that maybe your strategy is still too conservative and that you might encounter a bottleneck which you could not overcome without a breakthrough?" He regarded her with the wisdom of a soul well beyond his tender years.

Hearing Addison's question, Maggie pursed her lips to conceal her astonishment. Although she felt a little embarrassed to be negatively reviewed by a child, she had to admit that he went straight to the heart of the matter. What he had identified with his question was exactly her weak spot. Perhaps she would have received an unexpected result in her research if she hadn't been so hesitant in the end. Therefore, she decided to face up to her own short comings despite the embarrassment she felt.

While nodding in answer of Addison's question, Maggie tightened the grip of her hand on the glass of juice. In a slightly sulky tone, she agreed, "Maybe it is because I'm getting older that I've considered too many factors. I have thought that maybe I would have made a breakthrough if I had faced the same problem a few years ago. However, things are different now. It seems that I always try to be steady in spite of myself."

"That's quite normal," Addison said with a smile. "We all tend to become increasingly steady as time goes by and due to the influence of our environment." Then he paused briefly. After taking a look at the wall clock to check the time, he asked, "Aunt Maggie, would you like to accompany me to the shooting range?"

Maggie raised her eyebrows in surprise. She first looked at Addison and then nodded to him.

At the same time, Wyatt politely knocked at the door before pushing it open and entering the office. With a slight bow to Addison, he said respectfully, "Young Master, everything is ready."

"Hmm," Addison acknowledged, standing up. He turned to look at

e understood what he meant.

Edgar fixed his eyes on Maggie. While holding her in his arms, he said soothingly, "You're not the first person who put forward the argument. As early as twenty or thirty years ago, Aunt Shirley had talked about that, but she didn't conduct further studies on it." Hearing this, Maggie turned her eyes to look at him in curiosity. Therefore, he explained to her what had happened from beginning to end with great patience.

Shirley, Brian's mother, had once thought of the same idea when she idly played with guns. Shirley liked firearms, and she had had a special experience in her childhood. Therefore, it was not strange for her to think about that. However, because of Richie, she hadn't studied further on that topic. Later when Addison attended training as a candidate for the ruler of Dragon Island, he had come into contact with guns every day. Naturally, he had become interested in them and also had the same notions about increasing their range. When Shirley heard about this, she had given her grandson the documents she had collected so many years before.

Then Addison had gone to the Eagle Special Brigade for exchange training. He hadn't stopped his research on the change in ballistic curvature, but his research hadn't succeeded during that period of time. He too had encountered a bottleneck, just like Maggie did for the time being.

This was why Edgar had shown great interest in the topic when Maggie put forward the research in the beginning.

"Addison's research didn't succeed until two months ago," Edgar said with a smile. "And that was another reason why I brought you to Dragon Island this time." While saying this, his eyes shone with cunning light.

"Hmm, we shall have to endure humiliation in order to steal his technology!"

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