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   Chapter 1351 Extra Story 106 Of Edgar Astonishment

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On hearing that, Molly felt even more pity for her son. Addison had decided to return to the National Congress and become a candidate for the ruler only for her and Brian's sake. As parents, they hadn't done too many things for their eldest son. On the contrary, their eldest son had sacrificed his free development and future for their sake. Whenever she thought of this, Molly would feel very sorry for him. She considered that she owed him as he had done more than any child should do for their parents.

When he looked at Molly, Brian's eyes shone with pride and concern. Then he turned around and went to the kitchen to heat up their late night snacks. Addison's return to the National Congress had been a huge load on Molly's mind. No matter how he tried to explain to her, she simply could not relax. Whenever she saw Addison, her concerns would surface and she would then feel sad.

In fact, Addison would have to return to the National Congress sooner or later, even if he hadn't done so for their sake. What was more, in addition to Addison, Charlie and Evelyn would also have to return to the National Congress at some point in the future. Richie had left Dragon Island many years ago because he had no other choice. The reason why Brian had chosen not to return to Dragon Island was the same as Richie's. In order to take over XK Intelligence Agency, he had to give up the political power of Dragon Island. He didn't plan to let Addison or Charlie take over XK Intelligence Agency, so they would have to return to Dragon Island sooner or later and then continue their lives as candidates to be the ruler.

After Brian heated the snacks, Addison ate some together with Molly and Brian. Briefly, Molly could forget her thoughts about Addison's return to Dragon Island. Soon she joined the father and son in talking and laughing. Seeing how happy she was, Brian allowed a faint smile to show on his lips.

"Take some time off tomorrow morning after the morning assembly," Brian said to Addison in a plaintive tone. "Your uncle Eric will have somebody pick up Maggie. She has been studying changes in ballistic curvature too."

Hearing this, Addison frowned slightly. His youthful face already hinted at his potential to become a handsome man in the future. It seemed that he had difficulty in accepting his father's arrangement.

d, immediately getting to the point without making an extended journey out of his query. He was interested in the destination not in taking a lengthy road-trip through her science to get there.

Maggie didn't know why but she felt she was not as self-confident as she had thought when she heard the question. Slightly bewildered, she thought, 'How can this be? He is only a child of eleven or twelve years old. Is it because he has such an overpowering aura?'

While she was thinking, Addison proficiently quartered two oranges and threw them into a juicer. The juicer began working with a low hum. The sound it created seemed to relieve Maggie's discomfort and help clear her mind.

Addison poured the fresh orange juice into two glasses. He placed one glass of juice on the tea table in front of Maggie, and then he picked up the other to have a sip of the juice. He waited patiently for her answer like any gentleman would do, without urging her to answer quickly.

After sorting through her mind, Maggie stared at Addison and began speaking. "The M82A1 is the best sniper rifle in the world..."

With a quiet attentiveness Addison listened to Maggie's reasonable and precise statement. Gradually, as she spoke, admiration appeared in his eyes. To be honest, he had to admit that he hadn't thought a woman could make great achievements in firearms. He had only known one woman who was a master in this field, and that was his grandmother Shirley. However, he reflected that maybe he should change his opinion of women after hearing Maggie's speech.

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