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   Chapter 1350 Extra Story 105 Of Edgar Astonishment

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Maggie felt she was choking on her own saliva all of a sudden. She could not believe what she had just heard, so she fixed her eyes on Edgar, silently asking for his confirmation. Seeing his affirmative nod, Maggie screamed in astonishment, "That's impossible!"

"Hmm," Edgar said as Maggie pulled his arm in protest. "It is impossible for ordinary people, but for members of the Long Family, there is a high possibility." A smile toyed on his lips. Seeing that Maggie looked defeated, he tried to console her by saying, "You will understand what I mean when you meet Addison tomorrow. It is really difficult to comprehend how the brain of any member of the Long Family works."

Hearing this, Maggie could not help but roll her eyes. "Uncle Three, were you trying to console me?" she asked primly.

With a nod, Edgar answered, "Yes. Aren't you feeling better?"

Maggie was speechless, but in her heart, she was roaring silently, 'Do you always console someone by saying things like that? It could only make me feel worse. In fact, you were adding salt to my wound.' Faking a smile, she gritted her teeth while gazing at Edgar. "Uncle Three, you succeed only in frustrating me!" she uttered every word from between her teeth.

Then she strode into the house angrily. Seeing that she was pissed off, Edgar felt oddly happy instead of any other negative emotions. A smile spilled over to his eyes, setting them aglitter. Just as Molly had said, when a man and a women who loved each other were together, sharing either one's anger, sorrow, and joy would only serve to make the other one feel happy.

Edgar lowered his eyes pensively. He thought that Brian had succeeded in changing a once timid girl, from years ago, into a romance expert now. A faint smile played in his eyes at the thought, but at the same time, he felt helpless when considering the dark past.

Molly had undergone so many hardships before she finally had a happy ending with Brian. She deserved every beautiful thing she had now. Meanwhile, after being a single bachelor for so many years, Edgar had welcomed Maggie into his life. Thinking of this, he could not help but feel grateful to God for his chance at happiness.

The smile on Edgar's face stretched

al greedy gulps of air, was to glare fiercely at Edgar. Then she roared in a ragged voice, "It's all your fault!"

Hearing this, Edgar was slightly stunned. He didn't know whether he should laugh or cry. He didn't understand why she blamed him when she had choked all by herself due to stuffing her own mouth.

However, he could do nothing but accept her temper tantrum. In front of a man, especially when that man was her husband, a woman always behaved in such a self-willed way.

When Brian and Molly returned to the Glamour Hall of the Long Family Mansion, Charlie and Evelyn were already asleep, while Addison was browsing through something at his desk. His still boyish face looked so serious, which prevented others from disturbing him.

"I prepared some midnight snacks in the kitchen," Addison said after marking something on the document he was reading and turning to look at his parents, who were standing at the door. "You'll only need to heat it in the microwave oven."

Molly nodded. She walked over to Addison and looked at the documents piled all over the desk. She felt sorry for her eldest son. "It is late. Why haven't you gone to bed yet?" she asked in concern.

"There's been a lot of things to deal with in the National Congress recently," he answered with a smile. "The New Year is fast approaching. We have to hold many meetings still to summarize work done in the last year and to plan for the coming year for both Dragon Island and Dragon Empire Group."

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