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   Chapter 1349 Extra Story 104 Of Edgar Power Of The Dragon Island

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8004

Updated: 2019-10-01 00:58

Dragon Island, the most influential and modernized place in the world, held many lives in its hand. The Long Family's hereditary monarchical system had brought her mixed feelings; confusion and temptation plagued her as she ogled at her surroundings.

"Do people here..." Maggie leaned closer to Edgar, her eyes flittering around. She gulped and then asked, "Do people here kowtow to their superiors?"

Edgar looked down at her and seeing that she was nervous, gave her an assuring smile. "Yes, they do."

Maggie's facial expression changed instantly. That was unacceptable. She had never kowtowed to other people, not even to her parents. If she had to kowtow to anyone here, it would feel... It wouldn't feel right. It would feel very wrong.

Edgar's eyes darkened. Hyatt, watching them, suppressed a smile. However, there was laughter in his eyes.

"Please," Hyatt said again. He could tell that Edgar wasn't going to explain, and there was no reason why he should ruin the couple's fun.

A faint smile lingered on Edgar's lips while Maggie continued to worry about having to kowtow to Eric later. They had dinner at the same time the night before. Now she would have to kowtow to him. It really didn't feel right.

When she reached the door of the main hall, she heard gales of laughter coming from inside. She opened the door, looked inside and realized that she had been tricked. "Edgar!" She grounded her teeth.

Edgar's smile never left his face. Hyatt made a gesture to usher them in. Edgar reached over to take Maggie's hand and pulled her inside the hall.

Maggie was pretty bold in front of her old friends, but when she met strangers or someone she wasn't quite familiar with, she was shy and reserved, and the main hall was full of people she didn't know. She tried to pull her hand out of Edgar's.

But Edgar didn't let her go. Instead, he pulled her over to the crowd. He greeted them cheerfully.

Eric turned to a woman in her forties. "Your may serve the dishes."

"Yes, sir," the woman answered, motioning to the waiters to get ready to serve.

It was a dizzying experience for Maggie. She had gone into the hall, said hello, realized she was tricked by Edgar and had a warm and tasty dinner with them. During dinner, she found out something that she felt was kind of odd. Brian was terribly possessive of Molly and that he noticed every tiny detail about

ric turned to look at Maggie, who had been silent all this time. "You have been working on changing the course of the bullets to extend their effective range. Isn't that right?"

Maggie looked up at Eric, wondering why he would ask this question. But she wasn't so naive as to believe it was just a throwaway question.

Maggie nodded. "Yes. I have been working on it for a long time." She figured that there would be no use of her answering dishonestly. Eric already knew about it, and she would seem petty and small-minded if she were to hinder the conversation or to beat around the bush.

Eric glanced at Edgar, who was seated beside Maggie. "If you don't mind, I can set up a meeting for you. I knew a man who is working on the same thing as you are. Maybe you can work together to spark up some inspiration and find out some new solutions."

When she heard Eric's words, she widened her eyes, which brightened. She gulped. "Really?"

Eric nodded, "Really." His smile widened.

Maggie felt her heart skip a beat at the smile. She had a suspicious feeling that somehow she had been tricked and hooked.

Eric dropped Edgar and Maggie off at the Royal Garden. Before he left, he told Maggie, "I will send someone to pick you up at 9 tomorrow morning." He gave her a smile that seemed loaded, and then told Lenny to drive away.

Maggie felt as through her stomach was filled with butterflies. She stared at the car until it was out of sight. She turned to Edgar. "Do you have any idea what he was talking about?" she asked.

Edgar nodded and took her hand, smiling.


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