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   Chapter 1348 Extra Story 103 Of Edgar Power Of The Dragon Island

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"Why?" Maggie asked uncertainly. She was somehow nervous to hear what the answer would be.

The look on her face made Molly smile more. She said slowly, "Because he can't wait to bring you here, to introduce you to us, to tell everyone that... you are the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with."

Tears welled up in Maggie's eyes. She blinked and felt hot tears running down her cheeks. Maggie suddenly realized that she has been crying so much lately. In fact, she felt like she had cried more in the past few months than she had in the past 25 years. Whenever it came to Edgar, she couldn't seem to help herself. The tears would come continuously and endlessly and nothing she did seemed to hold them back.

Molly leaned forward and wiped away Maggie's tears, sighing. "It's okay to cry for him. As the old saying goes, a nice man will never let his beloved woman cry. But, when a woman cries for a man, he must be very important to her." Maggie's tears seemed to come more quickly. Molly quickly took her into her arms and started stroking the girl's hair and rubbing her back. "Maggie, love with all your heart. Don't let your illusions stop you. I'm telling you this from experience," She let go of Maggie. "Don't do anything you are going to regret."

When she fell in love with Edgar, Maggie had treated Molly as a hostile enemy. But now Molly was showing her a simpler, smoother path. And from the beginning, her love for Edgar never changed. Her love for him gave her the courage to face anything and made her stronger than the obstacles in her path.

The sunny afternoon passed slowly. The foodie Evelyn brought tons of laughter to the family. Maggie was impressed by the pleasant atmosphere within the Long Family, where the men seemed to value quality family time. She unconsciously stroked her belly, thinking. Earlier when she and Edgar had sex, they hadn't used protection and he had finished while still deep inside her.

Maggie's eyes widened as the question of pregnancy crossed her mind. How was it possible? It couldn't be true! Even though she had thought that it would be great to have a child when she saw Charlie and Evelyn, she really wasn't ready for kids.

"What are you thinking?" a low voice casually asked. Maggie looked around and found that Edgar wa

att Mo, the butler of the Long Family Mansion. Mr. Eric Long asked me to fetch you for dinner."

"Thank you." Edgar nodded to him and after Hyatt Mo opened the back door for them, gestured for Maggie to get in the back. He followed her in.

Maggie had never been treated like this. She felt a little anxious as the car started moving. She had never been to the Long Family Mansion. She was nervous. As the trees passed by quickly, an odd feeling of both tranquility and oppression overtook her.

After about 20 minutes, an iron gate emerged into sight. The pattern of a dragon coiled along the gate with its head and tail touching together, forming a Z shape in the middle.

It was the logo of the Dragon Empire Group. Maggie knew it, just like everybody in the world knew it.

The car drove slowly through the gate and made its way towards the Long Family Mansion. Royal guards stood along the road, flanking it at both sides. The mansion itself looked like an ancient royal palace, made of all sorts of chambers. However, instead of using red walls and golden tiles, the mansion used more modernized mod cons to appear technologically modern.


After driving the car up to the mansion, Hyatt got out and walked over to open the back door for them. Edgar and Maggie both stepped out. While Edgar was calm and composed, Maggie was shocked and rendered speechless at the sight. It was said that a picture was worth a thousand words, and indeed the mansion was a picture worth that many words, or perhaps more.

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