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   Chapter 1346 Extra Story 101 Of Edgar An Imaginary Love Rival

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7028

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Brian didn't respond to him immediately. He finished frying the egg and placed it onto the plate with the other one. Carrying the plate with a fork out of the kitchen, he lay the plate down in front of Evelyn. She was already pouting and losing her patience. "All right. Here are your fried eggs. Enjoy them. I have to speak with your Uncle Eric now," Brian said and gave his daughter a kiss on the forehead.

"It's okay, Dad. I'll keep Evelyn company. Go and speak with Uncle Eric," Charlie said. He put down the puzzle in his hands and walked over to Evelyn.

Brian nodded to his son and then went toward the study. While walking, he said on the phone, "I have no opinion about that. The point is what you think or what you will do." After taking a short pause, he continued, "It seems that the Tang Family and the Lu Family are about to break up because of a woman. If we take advantage of that, maybe there will be a good chance."

With a smile at the corners of his mouth, Eric said, "Brian, you always know what I am thinking."

"My understanding won't help," Brian said while his sight deepened. "Yates Tang has kept a low profile for so many years, but now he has changed because of a woman. He's doomed. I'm afraid that this is the calm before the storm."

"Hmm," Eric said slowly while withdrawing his sight from outside the car window. "Even Edgar Gu has seen through all this. I think it's urgent to solve the problem as soon as possible."

A faint smile formed at the corners of Brian's mouth. "Those people in the National Congress will have a headache," he said.

"Hmm, their interests are involved. Although it seems that the Long Family gathers them together due to our cohesive force, everybody knows how many of them have been bribed by the four big families." Eric always behaved in a somewhat childish way in front of Brian. This happened again when he said, "If I make a concession again this time, maybe those old men will get up to little tricks on the sly."

Brian's deep gaze stared ahead. He said thoughtfully, "Hmm. Let's talk about it in detail when I arrive tomo

Garden or the National Congress. While talking in a hotel, they had to cover up to a certain extent. Both Eric and Edgar thought much and deep at present, but only the two of them knew what they were thinking about.

The dinner didn't last for very long with Eric. Edgar and Maggie left the hotel and arrived at the Royal Garden by ten o'clock. Edgar had suppressed his sensual passion for several days. Now that they were alone and his young and beautiful wife was in his arms, he would by no means miss the opportunity. Therefore, he kissed every inch of Maggie's body. When he finally felt satisfied, it was the dawn of the next day. A new day was being born on Dragon Island.

Due to Edgar's incredible physical strength and stamina, Maggie was too exhausted even to open her eyes. She felt tired once she moved a little. In this way, she fell asleep. Edgar only took a quick nap to have a rest. When the first glimmer of sunlight penetrated the thick clouds from the east, he opened his eyes slowly. He glanced at Maggie, who was sleeping soundly by his side. Then he carefully slid out of bed and put his clothes on quietly. He left the Royal Garden and drove to the National Congress.

It was nearly three o'clock in the afternoon when Maggie finally woke up. She felt like her body had been run over by a train and she didn't want to move at all, but her stomach kept growling in hunger.

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