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   Chapter 1345 Extra Story 100 Of Edgar An Imaginary Love Rival

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Reflexively, Maggie disbelieved his words. That was because she had been in the Eagle Special Brigade for more than half a year, and for a big part of that period of time, she had been trained together with Falcon Commando. Although later she had been transferred to the sniping company by Edgar as punishment, she had already known clearly how cruel the Falcon Commando's training was. With these thoughts on her mind, she fixed her eyes on Edgar. However, she saw nothing but a faint smile at the corners of his mouth and affirmation deep in his eyes. Unconsciously, her pupils dilated. In astonishment, she asked him for confirmation, "Really?"

Feeling amused by the continually changing expressions on Maggie's face, Edgar nodded and said, "It's true. The eldest son of Brian and Molly, Addison Long, is the first candidate to the ruler of Long Family now. Three years ago, he attended closed training in Eagle Special Brigade for a whole year." As soon as she heard that, the corners of Maggie's mouth began twitching. However, Edgar didn't stop shocking her. He added, "And he left with an A-level record."

The performance of training in Falcon Commando was divided into five levels—Falcon Eye, A, B, C, Falcon Tail. That meant Falcon Eye was the best record one could get, while A was only second to Falcon Eye. Maggie had previously been proud of achieving her A-level record after being trained there for only several months. However, now Edgar told her that a child who had been less than ten years old at the time had also reached an A-level record. This made Maggie feel really awkward.

Seeing that she was in low spirits, Edgar said with a smile, "You don't need to feel uncomfortable to submit." After a short pause, he explained, "Dragon Island goes too far in training their candidates to be a ruler. Their training could be described as abnormal. Before going to Eagle Special Brigade, Addison, whose pet name is Mark, had already undergone two phases of training at Dragon Island." Then Edgar sighed deeply, "But I have to admit that he used some knack to get the A-level record. Sometimes I'd really like to open up one of the Longs' heads to see how they tick. I'm sure they have some precision instrument installed

a lazy and casual voice, he said, "I didn't know that you had paid so much attention to Dragon Island."

"When you know both your enemy and yourself well enough, you can win every battle!" Edgar said on the phone. After giving a hint to Maggie with his eyes, the two of them returned to the parking place. "I'll be waiting for you," he said.

"Okay!" Eric said. "See you later!"

When Eric hung up the phone, they had reached the underground parking lot. He and Lenny got out of the elevator and made their way to the car. Once inside, Eric dialed Brian's number.

Brian was frying eggs for Evelyn when his phone rang. He pressed the button on the Bluetooth headset in his ear to answer the call. "Have you finished the conference?"

"Hmm," Eric answered.

Brian stopped for a moment paying more attention to the call. "What's the matter? Have you met any difficulty?"

After sighing deeply, Eric said, "Half the members of the National Congress disagreed to take action against the four big families right away."

Brian put the fried egg with the sunny side up onto a plate using an egg spatula. Then he broke another egg and put it into the pan. "Do you have a plan?" he asked.

Eric furrowed his brows slightly. When the car slid out of the parking lot and passed the Z-shaped administration building of the National Congress, he said slowly, "I don't think we can wait any longer. If I go on waiting, I'm afraid the Tang Family and the Lu Family would become variables."

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