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   Chapter 1344 Extra Story 99 Of Edgar The Trip To Dragon Island

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Maggie curled her mouth at Edgar's words with her eyes rolling, and replied, "I do know how rich he is! He owns such a fertile and wealthy island, and is the president of the Dragon Empire Group, one of the top ten enterprises in the world. I have common sense, alright?"

"Mr. Edgar Gu, the Young Master sent me to pick you up," a woman said then.

As Maggie turned her head to look where the voice came from, she then saw it was Lenny who had spoken. Due to the different contexts between Maggie and the beautiful woman in front of her, Maggie could easily sense the dangerous hidden temperament of the woman with a glance. Yet the almost violent nature of the woman was not directed at Maggie or Edgar though. It seemed that she was born with this special character.

Meanwhile, Edgar nodded his consent at Lenny's words, then he took Maggie's hand and guided her to the waiting car. As the driver, Lenny drove the car along the way towards the Royal Garden. On the way there, Edgar made small talk with Lenny. Soon, he received a phone call from Eric.

"I am going to attend a meeting now. Let's rather have dinner together tonight, shall we?" Eric said over the speakerphone with the sound of him signing papers evident in the background. "I'll come to visit you with Little Molly. Then we'll go to the camp together, shall we?" he added.

"No problem," replied Edgar. He added, "I'm going to take Maggie out later. Let's keep in touch via phone."

"Sure," Eric agreed as he stopped writing to hand over the papers to some faceless assistant on the other end. With a meaningful smile on his face, he then continued, "What did I say to you last time? I told you that you would fall in love with Maggie in the end, remember? I just can't believe you did it so quickly though. Anyway, you owe me one."

As Eric was speaking on the phone, Edgar's face quickly flashed a smile and he remarked, "Fine, I'll make it up to you!"

With a slight frown, Eric responded, "Wai

was common knowledge. "However," he continued, "without the appropriate guidance, people will eventually become toffs, no matter how excellent their inborn qualities are to begin with."

While Maggie was listening carefully to Edgar's explanation, she looked up to see a big screen with Eric's image on it. It was a news broadcast, showing Eric patrolling the agricultural products in every supermarket, along with numbers of officials. She fixed her eyes on the video footage on the big screen, and she thought that he looked much different than the man who she saw last time. He had then been acting freely and even wildly. In this footage, Eric was showing his calm, public character and a dignified demeanor, acting like a real leader.

"It is pretty demanding when the Long Family trains its potential rulers," remarked Edgar, as he could not help recalling the days when Addison had been at Edgar's school for the exchange study program. And he added, "Could you imagine that a child, who has not even yet reached his tenth year, receives almost the same grueling training as the Falcon?"

"No way! You must be kidding!" muttered Maggie immediately, as this thought overwhelmed and challenged her concept of a child's innocence.

Her face paled and she was clearly shocked at the brutality of this notion.

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