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   Chapter 1343 Extra Story 98 Of Edgar The Trip To Dragon Island

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6965

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"Do I need to do such a thing?" Edgar again answered her question with a question, knowing full well how much this would infuriate her.

Maggie became silent again as she digested his words with her clever mind for a few seconds. Then, she said in a sudden fury, "Who says you don't need to care about such a thing? Listen, I...I…" She tried her best to search her mind to see if she could enumerate some rivals for his affection so as to alert Edgar. However, in the end, she could only recall her memories of being in love with Edgar since her youth, making it impossible for her to have had any other lovers in the past. And it was true that Edgar was the only one that she ever fell in love with. Therefore it was simply impossible for Edgar to be jealous of anyone else since he did not have a rival in love.

'How come our conversation stops at this point? Why didn't I reach my goal since I started a topic like this? Fine, I'm not going to talk with him about such a topic anymore!' thought Maggie as her heart and mind raced.

Since she realized that she was losing face during this conversation, she then sat upright in her seat and looked out of the window, instead of leaning toward Edgar as she had when speaking. The plane, at this moment, glided through the clouds, nimble as a bird in the sky. It was afternoon, and the sun was basking her body in a golden glow through the glass of the small cabin windows. She luxuriated in the warm feeling and felt as if she could touch the sun without any effort then. However, even at the sight of such a beautiful scene, Maggie still could not let go of the unhappy and unresolved conversation a moment ago. Anger made its way onto her face again.

On the other hand, as Edgar stole a glance at Maggie's angry looking face, he could not help but have a feeling of happiness fill his heart and a smile spread to curve his full lips. In his heart, he thought it made sense that she had asked such questions. Thus, given what he knew of her, he thought that Maggie cared so much about him which was why she had asked a question l

und, there came the pleasant announcement of the flight attendant in the plane, saying that the plane had landed safely at the airport. After that, two airline stewardesses walked toward Edgar and Maggie with charming smiles on their faces. One of them said, "Dear guests, our plane has now landed at Dragon Island International Airport. Thanks for choosing our air service for your trip. Please keep your personal luggage with you while leaving the plane. We'll see you next time. Bye!"

Maggie stepped off the plane following Edgar, though she felt a little dizzy. She had once before had the chance to travel on a special military plane due to her father's unique status. However, that could not even be mentioned in the same breath as this luxurious and decadent plane. As the two of them walked towards the arrival gate of the airport, Maggie could not help but turn her head to look again at the plane they had just disembarked from, and stated, "Well, I guess it is the dream plane that most of the rich are always longing for. And it does show how rich a man might be!"

Edgar replied as he tried to restrain his laughter, "Well, that is just one of the ordinary planes that Mr. Eric Long owns. When you really get to know how rich he is, you will finally have the same insight as me, that it's just a piece of cake for Mr. Eric Long indeed. His wealth is just beyond measure."

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