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   Chapter 1342 Extra Story 97 Of Edgar The Trip To Dragon Island

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The teacher and instructor walked straight to the bulletin board. With the help of the operator on duty, the two of them then posted the score sheets on the board. After that, the instructor then turned and stood facing the students. With a glance at all the students assembled in front of him, he put a big smile on his face and stated, "So, these are the outcomes of the test. And we have encountered so many surprises in the results this year. I hope you have all prepared yourselves mentally, before you get your scores. And most importantly, you have to reflect on your own experience if you get a good score while those who received a less than perfect score should then find out your shortcomings and overcome them thoroughly. Well, at the beginning of our new school year after the holiday, all the students of both the junior college and undergraduates have to finish their report and submit it to their class teacher. And those who will be participating in the extra training during the holiday, the graduates, the master's, and doctoral students should all hand in their reports to Instructor Edgar after three days."

As the instructor was giving his speech, Maggie suddenly ceased selecting moves in the mobile game which she had been playing. She looked up at the instructor with a slight twist to her mouth, as if she was feeling super awkward. Deep in her mind, she had a strong suspicion that the report which the instructor had just mentioned must have been suggested by Edgar, which would be exactly the type of thing that he would do. Since there was a report which she now had to finish before the three-day holiday ended, it effectively meant that no matter whether she won or not, she would have extra work to do. 'Oh, come on! Really?! An extra report to finish?' thought Maggie helplessly and sighed.

"Hey, let's go and take a look at the list. What are you two waiting for?" said Benjamin as he quickly pulled both Maggie and Monica along towards the bulletin board after the instructor and the teacher had gone. Within just a few seconds, the three of them stood in front of the bulletin board.

Maggie's goal was simple and clear. That was why she looked straight for the first place, without wasting

cle Three?" Maggie teased.

"Yes?" Edgar answered as he kept his eyes fixed on the magazine which he was reading, with his hand flicking through the glossy pages.

Maggie glanced around the luxurious facilities of the private plane which serviced Dragon Island and continued, "Isn't this kind of service too luxurious for us?"

Edgar frowned a little bit as he heard Maggie's words. He looked up from the magazine and then looked at her for quite a while, before replying, "In fact, a senior military officer might not have received treatment like this." Noticing the confused look on Maggie's face, he instantly read her mind. So he continued to glance at the magazine and added in a neutral tone, "This is private treatment for us though."

After hearing his explanation, Maggie tried her best for a while to figure it out. Then, with her eyes widening, she questioned, "Uncle Three, so, this private treatment…" When Edgar raised his head and looked at her again, she added, "Is this private treatment being provided by Mr. Eric Long, or by Molly?"

He could not help but frown at Maggie's wording of the question. Looking at her with a puzzled face, he queried, "You women do really care about men's past relationships, don't you?"

Maggie was taken aback since she had not expected that Edgar would ask such a question, instead of replying to her at this moment. She quickly put on an angry face and mouthed, "Don't you guys worry about the same things as we women do?"

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