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   Chapter 1341 Extra Story 96 Of Edgar The Trip To Dragon Island

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At the faculty office, everyone was too busy to even realize how late at night it already was, swamped as they were with the student transcripts. Due to the two-month provisional training planned, the school had pushed the teachers to mark the transcripts for students as soon as they could. In that way, the students would still have some time to adjust themselves before another test.

"Miss Wang, has the ranking list come out yet?" someone asked.

There was a female teacher sitting at a desk. With one of her hands adjusting her glasses a little bit, she looked up and replied, "Well, no! Not yet. We are still waiting for Edgar's scores for the extra examinations to be released."

"All right," answered the man and then he walked through the door, heading towards another office. He walked straight to Edgar and asked, "Edgar, have you completed the scores of the extra examinations yet?"

Edgar did not answer the question immediately. After quickly scribbling something on a paper, he then looked up as he closed the file in front of him, and replied, "I've just finished it." He then stood up and handed the file to the man, with a slight nod, as if confirming that he was finished. Edgar's facial expression was peaceful as if he was finally so relieved and had a great peace of mind in that moment.

"Thank you for your hard work, Edgar," stated the man as he respectfully took the file from Edgar, with a relieved smile on his face. With a polite inclination of his head, the man left the office again. Everyone was on a tight deadline to get the scores processed and announce the top achievers.

There seemed to be a shift in Edgar's mind then. He exchanged a few pleasantries with others in the office and left the building, heading to the dormitory. He walked at quite a slow pace, but he could not help feeling chilled by the cold wind which was blowing.

Meanwhile, in the dormitory, the college students were all basking in the joy of the coming holidays. As for the ones who were going to receive the special training, they were still so happy for the three-day break that everyone of them was too excited to get any sleep tonight. All that they were waiting for was the scores to co

With her eyes fixated on the screen of her phone, she replied in an unconcerned tone, "Come on, what are you nervous for? I mean, you are not aiming to get the number one, are you?"

As Maggie was speaking, Monica could not help but roll her eyes at Maggie. She frowned at the way that Maggie was playing the mobile game. She was so possessed with it, and Monica found it hard to understand how Maggie could be so devoted to everything that she was doing at a specific time, even to a cellphone game. Maggie was really competitive. She would be one hundred percent focused on studying when she was studying. However, she would not worry a thing about her studies when she was playing.

All of a sudden, Benjamin yelled, out of nowhere, "I just saw the instructor coming here…" He was out of breath from rushing and excitement and didn't finish his sentence, but stammered to a halt.

Originally, his words were only meant to inform and comfort Maggie and Monica, since they had been waiting for quite a while already. However, others around them heard and soon spread this piece of information from one to the other. In the end, all of the students had fixed their eyes in the direction which Benjamin had pointed in, waiting eagerly. Just as the room became silent, a teacher and an instructor came from the door he had indicated. Without even thinking, the students all stepped back a little to make room for them. A narrow path emerged leading to the notice board.

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