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   Chapter 1340 Extra Story 95 Of Edgar No Personal Consideration

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She thought Edgar would hold her tightly in his arms. However, he didn't. He pulled her away from him immediately and then said in an apathetic voice, "Stand still!"

Pouting, Maggie stood properly against her will. Then she looked around in hope of being seen by any bystanders. If that was the case, what had been said in the hot post on the college forum would be proven correct, and those thirsty women who were already casting greedy eyes at Edgar might step back for fear of her.

Unfortunately, things were not going as she hoped. Edgar had once been a scout and he was good at surveillance. Once he had told her to come here, he must have scouted the place and made sure that nobody would appear while they were here. Therefore, she felt disappointed when these thoughts came to her mind.

"It's late. Why did you ask me to come here?" she asked crossly.

An almost invisible smile played at the corners of his mouth. However, Maggie didn't notice his smile due to the darkness of the night and her insufficient night vision. "What about your preparations for the examination?" he asked in an emotionless voice.

"I don't need to prepare!" she said with a sense of self-assurance. Rather than bragging, she was telling the truth in her answer. She had never paid overly much attention to her school work. She had studied while playing since her childhood. She always learned more quickly than others.

When he saw the self-conceit on her face, his smile deepened and spread across his face. He said, "Hmm. If you win the first place in the examination, I will take you to Dragon Island for the following three days' vacation."

"Hmm... What?" Maggie first nodded reflexively, but then as she processed Edgar's words, she opened her eyes wide and glared at him, not believing what she had just heard. "What did you say just now?"

Edgar's brows furrowed slightly and his eyes seemed to sparkle. As the smile on his lips became a grin, he repeated, "If you're able to win the first place this time, then I will take you to Dragon Island. Since I ha

examination seemed to be more stressful. After handing in the examination papers for the last course, Benjamin and Monica waited for Maggie in the corridor. It was not until the last bell had rung that they saw Maggie walk out of the examination room.

"How do you feel?" Benjamin asked curiously, but also concerned about his friend.

Maggie shook her head and shrugged sulkily. She didn't look as self-confident as usual. In a low voice, she said, "The questions were too flexible this time. Plus there was no single standard..." Gnawing at her lips slightly, she continued, "It is impossible to predict the final result."

Hearing her answer, Monica and Benjamin looked at each other at the same time. In the end, they looked at Maggie and asked, "Now that the examination is over... tell us honestly. Why did you work so hard this time?"

Maggie looked up at her two bosom friends. Finally, she shook her head, sighed and turned around while saying, "I can't tell you."

"Huh!" Monica said, showing the whites of her eyes. "I know the reason must have something to do with Captain Edgar."

Maggie briefly turned her head to face them, neither admitting nor denying anything.

"Maggie, I wish I could curse you into failing this time," Monica said with a bitter poisoned tongue.

"Huh! Don't come and cry in front of us when the result comes out tomorrow."

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