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   Chapter 1339 Extra Story 94 Of Edgar No Personal Consideration

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The teacher was again speechless. His mouth opened and closed in quick succession as he tried to process this information. Then his eyes fixed on Edgar, for he wanted to wait and see whether he was cracking a joke. However, the sincerity on Edgar's face and the smile of happiness which shone deep in his eyes when he mentioned their marriage certificate proved the truth of his words. As a married man himself, the teacher knew that Edgar was not lying to him.

The news was like a thunderbolt out of a clear sky. The candidate for the best boyfriend in the mind of every female student and teacher in the college just turned out to be married! The teacher didn't doubt that the news would contribute to making a hot post once it was made public on the BBS of the college. Just as he expected, a post that disclosed Edgar having been legally married became a hot topic on the forum of the college within hours. The news broke a multitude of hearts of females on campus who had expected to become Edgar's girlfriend.

"Maggie, hurry up. Have a look at this," Monica said while walking to Maggie with her laptop in her hands. Pointing at the post which was labelled "HOT" in five colors with her finger, she asked, "Are you the host of this post?"

"I didn't post anything," Maggie answered. By instinct, she moved her eyes closer to the screen of the laptop and read the title of the post. "Edgar Gu is no longer single. According to a reliable source, he and his mysterious girlfriend obtained their marriage certificate last Saturday, the day before yesterday!" While she was reading the title, her eyes shone brightly all of a sudden. Her pupils even dilated. "Who posted it?" she asked, with her breath catching slightly.

"I don't know," Monica said, looking for the ID of the host. "The host is named 'A Hypocritical Sheep.' The ID had just been registered today, perhaps because the host wanted to post it in anonymity for fear of his or her identity being found out. What do you think?"

"Alas," Maggie sighed deeply. "It would be better if he or she didn'

oth hands in the pockets of his trousers, Edgar watched Maggie running to him at a dash speed, usually reserved for weight-bearing cross-country races, from a long distance away. A faint smile hovered at the corners of his mouth. Even though the girl usually displayed her bad temper around him, she always forgot to be angry with him as soon as he stretched his hands out to her.

Edgar gazed at her, lost in his thoughts. In the past, he had done many things for Molly without letting her know. He knew all too well the feeling of pursuing the person whom he loved for such a long time, without getting any reciprocity in response. That was why he didn't want Maggie to feel like that after he accepted her.

"Uncle Three." The charming figure pounced on Edgar, along with her lively voice. However, before she fell against the chest she had been longing for, she was stopped by Edgar's hands and kept at arm's length.

"Ah..." Maggie shouted, and her hands waved at random as if she was drowning. "Take your hands away!"

Edgar withdrew his hands as she requested. Since she had been dashing before being stopped by him, his sudden withdrawal of his hands caused her forward momentum to make her lose balance. As a result, she staggered and fell forward into his arms. Of course it didn't matter, because that was exactly what she had wanted by running at him so fast.

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