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   Chapter 1338 Extra Story 93 Of Edgar No Personal Consideration

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Looking at the dean of student affairs, Maggie asked in confusion, "You mean..."

Gently dropping a stack of papers in front of Maggie, the dean said, "Have a look!"

Maggie reached out for the papers, then she lowered her eyes and looked through them suspiciously. What the dean had thrown to her was her report on her internship. The first part of the report had been written by herself, so she didn't need to read that part and she immediately paged to the latter part of the report.

There was nothing wrong with Cathy's comment. She praised Maggie effusively. As she read Cathy's comment, a complacent smile gradually formed at the corners of Maggie's mouth.

Then came Daniel's comment, the person in charge of their operations training. Without much rhetoric, he mainly described her performance based on the facts. However, she was quite pleased to read his final conclusion. "This student has shown perfect qualities in physique and mental capacity, with an outstanding military capability, and is worth training!"

As soon as she read the sentence, the smile on Maggie's lips broadened and she felt a great sense of warmth towards the two officers. However, when she read Edgar's comment, Maggie was dumbfounded. The smile froze on her face and then slid off to form a bitter scowl.

He criticized her for having no sense of time, a resistant mentality towards her leaders, and overcompensating in rectifying her behavior, or something like that. Maggie felt like a mouthful of thick blood was stuck in her throat. She almost choked on his sharp words.

Following that was William's comment. On the whole, he agreed with Edgar's opinion. Devastated, she continued turning the pages. There was no more comment from higher leadership. Instead, there was a decision made by a group of leaders through discussion. The decision indicated that she would have little hope of securing placement at the Eagle Special Brigade after graduation.

Maggie pursed her lips in frustration. She didn't deny that she had the defects as described by Edgar in his comment, because she had shown such performance during her internship. William only agreed with Edgar because he wouldn't let personal considerations interfere with the execution of his duty as the leader of the army. She was willing to

pment of her relationship with him had proven his judgment correct.

"Edgar, what makes you so happy?" a teacher who was helping Edgar tidy up the room asked after placing the pillow on the chair. With curiosity, he looked at Edgar, the legendary man who seemed to be easy-going but in fact always kept others at an effective distance.

Restraining the smile which was threatening at the corners of his mouth, Edgar answered lightly, "My wife is asking me if I will have dinner with her this evening."

The teacher was stunned and speechless for a moment. Then he asked for confirmation, "Your wife?"

"Hmm!" Edgar answered with a nod in an indifferent manner.

When the teacher heard Edgar's confirmation, his eyes flared open, as if he could not believe his ears. After momentarily digesting the shocking news, he asked curiously, "Edgar, I heard that you were single. Is that not true now?" It was said in S Army Edgar's being a bachelor still was a huge, long-standing problem which needed to be solved. Almost everybody in military circles had heard of it. The teacher thought, 'When did he get a wife? Why haven't I been told about that by the female teachers who are always gossiping in the office?'

Seeing the curiosity displayed all over the teacher's face, Edgar still managed to keep his indifferent attitude in place. He only wore a faint smile at the corners of his mouth as he said, "My wife and I hadn't obtained our marriage certificate until the day before yesterday. Our wedding hasn't taken place yet."

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