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   Chapter 1337 Extra Story 92 Of Edgar Becoming The Teacher

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6136

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Due to the level system, their meals were already prepared in advance by the students on duty when they had arrived. Edgar behaved very casually during the meal. After looking around the cafeteria, he finally found Maggie with his sharp eyes.

Maggie was seated a fair distance away from Edgar at a table with Benjamin and Monica. Therefore, if they didn't consciously look for Edgar, they couldn't easily notice him.

One of the teachers followed Edgar's gaze and smiled. "The trio at that table are the best students in our school. They're not only the top in studies, but they're also highly respected by the other students. By the way, I remember that Maggie is going to intern in the S Army this time." As he said that, he looked at a middle-aged man who was in charge of the student files management.

The middle-aged man nodded his head, then he turned to Edgar and asked, "Edgar, is Maggie in your class?"

"Yes, that's right," Edgar answered in a flat tone. "She is indeed an excellent student! She performed excellent both in physical training and professional training. Maggie is outstanding at least among the students that I have taught during these recent years."

"She is Armand's favorite student." The middle-aged man looked at the older man who was about fifty years old. He wore a medal of honor on his shoulder and laughed merrily when he heard the words of the middle-aged man. "Armand always says that Maggie is a precious talent. Edgar, you've been teaching Maggie for more than half a year. You should find some time to have a good chat with her."

Edgar politely nodded at the middle-aged man with a smile and then turned to nod at Armand. After a few moments in silence, the topic had suddenly changed by several female teachers and instructors sitting at the next table.

Edgar seemed to be enjoying

. After class, the three of them were packing up their belongings and intended to go to the training ground when they were told that those who had attended Edgar's class were to gather at the No. 1 playground.

The three of them looked at each other, and finally, Benjamin broke the silence and said slowly, "Alas! It seems that

the next two months aren't going to be easy for us."

Maggie wasn't sure whether the days would be easy or tough. They were informed to gather together. After a strict training class, they were dissolved. After that, she received a notice from the Academic Affairs Office, which told her to go over to the office.

"May I come in?"

"Come in, please."

Maggie carefully tidied her clothes and then went into the office. When she saw the dean, she first saluted to him and then said in a respectful tone, "Sir, what's wrong?"

"Well..." The dean took the presbyopic glasses off from the bridge of his nose and looked up at Maggie with a sigh. "The senior military officers have commented your performance during your internship." Noticing the expectation on Maggie's face, he paused for a while and then continued, "Some of them are not satisfied with your performance this time."

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