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   Chapter 1335 Extra Story 90 Of Edgar Becoming The Teacher

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8087

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Edgar stood outside the classroom. The professor informed all the students that their holiday was canceled until further notice from the school. The sound of excitement and wailing by the disgruntled students soon filled the classroom. Meanwhile, a satisfied grin appeared at the corners of Edgar's mouth.

If this thing had happened in the past, Maggie would have been delighted. However, today Edgar was sure that Maggie must be the last person to be thrilled at the news.

The very thought made Edgar smile, but his eyes were filled with regret. He was still contemplating about the invitation of teaching at the school. Edgar had planned to continue the maneuver at Dragon Island after the new year, and if he stayed here, then it would influence the maneuver to some extent. However, the leaders from the higher levels attached great importance to the training of these students. They hoped that Edgar could share some practical guidance and insight with the students before they started their internships. However, the commander of the S Army was reluctant to do that. Everyone had their own ideas on what the best method of training was, and Edgar wasn't a big fan of the theoretical guidance method. He believed that experience could only be accumulated through actual engagement on the battlefield and that the experience of others had very little significance. After all, the result of every battle and exercise was unpredictable.

However, given the pressure that he was under, he felt that he had no other choice but to agree to teach in the school. The main reason why he accepted to teach in the school was to spend more time with Maggie. He didn't want to be separated from her since they had been married for just a few days.

"Now let's welcome the substitute teacher!"

Edgar's thoughts had been interrupted by the professor's announcement. He raised his head and walked into the classroom decisively with a dignified gait.

After stepping onto the platform, he gave a slight nod to the old professor and then slowly turned to face the students in the classroom.

Some of the students were already familiar with Edgar, and the others were meeting him for the first time. Either way, most of the students didn't know him very well. Nearly all of them had felt intimidated by the great confidence that Edgar emitted standing before them. He gazed around the classroom with intense eyes, and no on

most gossipy students, but now they both wore serious and weird expressions on their faces.

"It's just so strange!" Benjamin exclaimed.

Monica shot a sideways glance at him and said, "We need to be calm! No matter what, Edgar is the captain of Eagle Special Brigade. So the school leaders must have put in a lot of effort to persuade him. We shouldn't waste such a good opportunity. Am I right?" She tapped Maggie on the shoulder. "Maggie?"

"Yes, that's right," replied Maggie indifferently. It wasn't because of the extra class and the fact that Edgar was going to give them the lessons that had upset Maggie. She felt disappointed because she thought that they were close enough, and Edgar should have been open with her and shared this news. Instead, he hadn't mentioned anything about it to her. After all, this wasn't a military secret.

Maggie pursed her lips and then looked around. With more and more students coming in, the voices were getting louder and louder. The whole room was as noisy as a vegetable market. Firstly the complaints were about having no holiday this summer. Once the students had vented their frustration about that, they moved onto the topic of Edgar. Some of the students commented about Edgar's marital status and said that he wasn't married; others appreciated that he was a rare talent in the army. Also, some mentioned how strong he was, and others expressed that they would be honored to have the opportunity to consult with him. To add insult to injury, Maggie heard many foolish girls announce that they would try all means possible to become Edgar's girlfriend.

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