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   Chapter 1334 Extra Story 89 Of Edgar Another Twist In The Relationship

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"I knew you two must be here," Maggie said with a smile, sitting between them and pushing Benjamin off his seat with her bottom. "You two looked so sketchy just now, almost treacherous. I know you were talking about me."

Monica took a glance at Benjamin, who looked aggrieved at having been shimmed out of his seat. She rolled her eyes and snorted, "It seems that your butt is more powerful than before, maybe because you've absorbed the man's... Right?"

"I..." Benjamin started, but the sharp look Maggie was giving him made him decide not to go with the words he wanted to say. Instead, he said, "I gave my seat to Maggie of my own accord just now."

The corners of Monica's mouth twitched. She had forgotten that Benjamin was as obedient as a timid husky in front of Maggie. It was a long story. All three of them had been put into the same class when they entered the college. Although there had been some tiny changes since they went to graduate school together, they had quarreled and fought with one another for several years along the way. The difference was that the quarrels and fights between Monica and Maggie were between female friends and were always well-meaning and not at all intended to hurt. However, the quarrels and fights between Maggie and Benjamin always felt more real. So Monica was rather surprised when Benjamin and Maggie became friends, considering that they had been as incompatible as fire and water in the beginning. Moreover, since Benjamin became their friend, he had gradually turned obsequious and womanlike.

Considering that it would be a waste of breath to call him out, Monica chose to forget about it and instead decided to ask Maggie a question she was dying to know the answer to. After looking around carefully, she fixed her eyes on her friend. "So how long can your Captain Edgar last?"

Since the question concerned the pride of a man, Benjamin was immediately intrigued. He also looked at Maggie, waiting for her answer. "I'm going to

art from today and last two months, excluding ten days' vacation for the New Year."

All the students groaned. The announcement meant that they would not have the long vacation previously discussed, but instead only 10 days—it was 10 full days of vacation for students who came from S City, but for students who came from other places, it meant more time traveling and less time enjoying the vacation.

As the students continued groaning and whining, the noises eventually filled the whole room. Perhaps before Maggie would have been excited at the news of intensive training, but not this time. Maybe she was the most depressed student in the classroom.

"Alas, somebody can no longer execute her plan of lovers' world! What a pity!" Monica said, mock sympathy on her face. As she laughed, the sting of the bad news got bigger for Maggie.

Maggie looked at Monica, about to say something when the professor continued, "All right. The instructor for your training is here. Now, let's welcome him."

At these words, everyone saw a figure outside of the classroom. All the students craned their necks to try and see who the figure was, forgetting about feeling sad. Maggie widened her eyes as she recognized the figure. Edgar, who was dressed in a well-ironed informal military uniform, walked into the classroom.


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