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   Chapter 1333 Extra Story 88 Of Edgar Another Twist In The Relationship

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Updated: 2019-09-27 18:12

Edgar led her into the elevator of her apartment. Maggie, tired of his lecture, rolled her eyes. "I didn't know you nagged so much," she said.

With a helpless smile, Edgar glanced at Maggie again. When the doors of the elevator opened slowly, he asked, "And how could you say that you've been persistent alone?" He led her to her apartment and opened the door as he had always done before.

Maggie really wanted to ask him why he didn't carry a spare key and why he always opened her door with the iron wire. But she was even more anxious about wanting to complain about something else.

"Wasn't that the truth?" Maggie asked as she got out of her shoes "Humph! I sent you a message every day even though something important was happening. I sent you one every day but what did you do? Did you reply?" She felt saddened when she remembered this. She had felt their relationship had been confirmed before she left Eagle Special Brigade, but later she found that was her own wishful thinking.

At her complains, Edgar fixed his gaze on her, watching her and keeping his eyes locked on hers until he sensed that she was getting nervous and didn't have anything else to say. "On the afternoon of the day you left, I received an order from the leadership and I had to lead a commando to go abroad to take part in a peacekeeping operation," he told her.

Maggie stared up at him, surprised to hear such a quick and calm response. She had thought of many possibilities, but had never thought of the possibility that Edgar had to go to keep the peace.

"We didn't come back until only a few days ago," Edgar continued, his voice touched by tiredness that disappeared as quickly as it seemed to have appeared. "But I came to see you yesterday..."

Maggie came from a military family and had grown up in a military compound. In addition, she was now a student of National Defense University. She knew too well what a peacekeeping mission meant and how

all in love with you. "

"Monica, how could you be so mean to me?" Benjamin rolled his eyes. Then he ran his fingers through his hair in an intentionally slow manner and made eyes at Monica. In an affectionate voice, he said, "Look at my enchanting body. You don't know how many males and females are charmed by me."

"Excuse me while I go vomit," Monica said relentlessly. Then in an angry voice, she asked, "Do your parents know that you're so ridiculous?"

Rolling his eyes again, Benjamin shrugged. "I'm just trying to amuse the both of us." Then he sighed, "Alas...they can spend the weekend with their lovers, but we single people can only entertain ourselves." As he said that, he checked his watch. "It's nearly seven o'clock. Doesn't Maggie need to come back to report back after her leave of absence?"

"We can do nothing. Captain Edgar is too attractive. We can't compare with him!" Monica laughed, shrugging. Then her eyes widened as she saw Maggie at the door of the classroom. She was wearing informal clothes. "Maggie!" she cried.

"Where? Where is she?" Benjamin looked around and grinned when he saw her making her way over to them. When Maggie reached them, he sighed, "How dramatic Captain Edgar's guidance is! He changes a tough girl into a charming woman. I admire him!"

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