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   Chapter 1332 Extra Story 87 Of Edgar Another Twist In The Relationship

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Edgar had thought that he should give Maggie some time to deal with Tompson, but she was gone too long. She still hadn't come back when he thought she would have. After waiting for a long time, he began searching for her, using the techniques that he would normally use in scouting. His search finally ended with him at a bar.

In the night of their marriage, the bridegroom was alone in the apartment, while the bride went out to meet another man. Edgar wanted to ask Maggie if she thought it was proper for her to act this way.

He sighed as he looked at the bar, letting his thoughts float around in his head. He spotted Maggie and Tompson as soon as he walked through the doors and immediately headed over to where they were seated. Standing in front of their small round table, he looked down at the bottles of beer—there were enough to cover the whole table. He frowned, then pulled out a chair and sat down indifferently. Glancing at Maggie, he knew that she was feeling guilty. Then he turned to Tompson. "What are you planning to do next?"

"Oh my God. Becoming husband and wife...and asking the same question..." Tompson said jokingly and smiled, glancing at Maggie. Just a few seconds ago, she was having drink after drink as though she was trying to beat him in a drinking contest, but now she was acting meekly, like a sheep who was caught for hypocrisy. Turning back to Edgar, he continued, "I want to rest first. I will think about what to do after the New Year."

Edgar nodded. He picked up an unopened bottle and took off the cap. Nodding at Tompson again, this time in a little hint sort of way, he drained the whole bottle in one gulp. When he finished, he stated, "I'm taking Maggie back home. If you need help, just let me know and I'll come to you."

Then he got up and pulled Maggie up to her feet, not waiting for Tompson's response. Maggie, who was still lost in thought, trying to come up with an explanation for her behavior, let herself be pulled out of the bar by Edgar.

Maggie headed to her car and opened the door, but before she could put her key into the ignition, Edgar stopped her, taking away the key. "Didn't yo

later, she felt her nose ache. "Why did you stand behind me all of a sudden? Wouldn't you feel sorry if I fell down?" she complained.

Edgar wore only a faint smile on his face. "Yes, I'd feel the pain. So I won't let you fall down as long as I'm by your side," he said. Maggie stared up at him. When he saw a glimmer of light in her eyes, he continued, "But it seems that you haven't gotten the essence of striking the first blow." He took hold of Maggie's hand. Then he tugged her a little, telling her to keep on walking.

Maggie became silent, bowing her head to watch her feet take step after step. After a while, she piped up, "When I saw the note, I forgot everything." Curling her lips, she added, "Mainly because I felt like everything that happened today was like a dream. It seems that I've been persistent with our relationship alone, but everything changed after a night and a day."

"I understand," Edgar said, squeezing Maggie's hand gently. "You don't have to explain anything to me. I believe you. The reason why I went to the bar was because I was afraid that you would drink. Tompson is wild and arrogant. He rarely does things he's supposed to. I was afraid that something might have happened if you did drink, so I went to check in on you." Taking a glance at Maggie, he continued, "As a girl, how could you feel like drinking every time you see alcohol? It seems like your stomach is never short of alcohol."

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