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   Chapter 1331 Extra Story 86 Of Edgar Tompson's Leaving

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5770

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Looking around the bar, Maggie managed to find Tompson in the darkness. When she set her eyes on a dark, private corner, she headed there spontaneously. She couldn't even see into the depths of the darkened booth, and though she wasn't sure of it, she felt that he was there. When she got closer to the corner booth, she saw Tompson was there drinking beer alone. There were dozens of empty bottles lying on the table.

Maggie sat down by his side. She glanced at the bottles on the table, and then at Tompson, frowning. "Didn't you say you haven't drunk beer for many years?"

He looked at Maggie with watery eyes. Then he shrugged his shoulders and answered carelessly, "I said that I haven't drunk for a while, but I didn't say that I quit drinking."

Maggie didn't know how to refute that, and she didn't really want to argue with him tonight. Maybe because of the secret past which she finally knew about, or maybe because of this moment, when she could feel his loneliness and sorrow.

"I have heard what happened to your family..." Maggie wanted to find a topic to break the awkward silence, but she just blurted this out without thinking.

He didn't reply immediately. After a few sips, he responded slowly, "It's almost 12 o'clock now. I was thinking that if you didn't show up at 12, I would just leave." He put down the bottle, and looked at her with a self-depreciating smile. Then he said to her, "I didn't know that you and Edgar got married today when I left you the note. I only found out after that, when someone told me over the phone."

Maggie nodded her head, saying, "Yes, we just got married today." She didn't know why she felt a little bit guilty when she admitted that.

"That's good," moving

d. She could already imagine Edgar's red face when she returned to him.

"Where are they now?" Maggie asked a different question, yet she was still thinking about how to face Edgar.

"Who are you talking about?" Tompson asked in reply, pretending that he didn't know.

She frowned at his coy denial. "Susie and Raymond!"

"They…" Tompson shrugged and smiled. "I have no idea. I haven't contacted them since they left."

Maggie believed that he was lying to her. However, his eyes seemed to say to her that he was telling the truth. At that point, she realized that she didn't really know the true him. Therefore she didn't know why he later decided to become a savior who was always waiting to save others after what he had been through.

However, whether she was one of the others, she would never be able to find out.

"You should go home now." He took out some money and placed it under the bottles, then continued, "Or someone may come after me..." Not finishing his words, he saw Edgar standing at the door and laughed, "Someone is here already."

Maggie turned to look, and she hoped that her face was not as guilty as she felt.

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