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   Chapter 1330 Extra Story 85 Of Edgar Tompson's Leaving

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5919

Updated: 2019-09-27 00:04

"My thing?" Edgar asked in a very low voice. Maggie could almost taste the alcohol which stained his lips; it made her heart speed up spontaneously.

Maggie couldn't help blushing. She didn't know how to face this situation of being so overpowered. Although she obviously knew that the men in the army were all desperate for sex, as they didn't have many chances for that, she was still surprised to discover that Edgar was one of them.

"You rogue!" pouting her lips, Maggie scolded gently. "Let me go! You should go take a shower. You reek of alcohol!"

Edgar sighed helplessly. He moved away from her, without saying anything. He then looked at her with a gloomy expression. Noticing that Maggie didn't plan to say anything, he had no choice but to move through to the bathroom for a cold shower to cool himself down. Tonight was their newlywed night, so Edgar didn't plan to have sex with her in such a rushed way.

However, when he walked out of the bathroom after taking a quick shower, he noticed that Maggie had left the house. He called her, yet it was Hana who answered the phone.

"Edgar, have you guys got back home yet?" Hana asked.

"Yes, we are back," Edgar replied in a very natural tone. Before he could ask anything, the mother complained over the line, "That silly Maggie, she always forgets stuff. She left her phone here again. I will ask Max to give her the phone tomorrow."

"Thanks Hana. I just called to check whether she had left her phone at home," Edgar lied, hiding the intention for the call from her. "Good to hear that her phone isn't lost." After chatting with Hana for a few seconds, he hung up. Edgar then went out onto the balcony. He stood there and looked up at the sky. There were no stars but a crescent moon hanging in th

rom Hana every time when she was with Edgar.

The car stopped at the bar door. Maggie didn't rush to get out, instead she lingered in the car. Looking at the colorful neon lights and hearing the noise from inside, she felt downtrodden. She could almost understand everything now, after she had linked every single detail in the story together.

That was why she had decided to come here right after she saw the message—'Please come and meet me in Seductive Bar, if you have time'—and a phone number written beneath it on the note. Feeling a sense of urgency, she had left Edgar there in the bathroom.

Maggie finally got out of the car. She was hesitant to enter the bar, as there were so many memories there. 'How ridiculous I am to abandon my husband on our wedding night and instead come to meet another man in secret, ' she thought as a confusion of memories and feelings cascaded in her mind.

She sighed slightly and finally pushed the door open. Suddenly, the strong smell of alcohol and the fragrance of people invaded her nose. She was not supposed to come to this kind of bar, considering her identity. However, she was already standing inside the dimly lit bar.

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