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   Chapter 1329 Extra Story 84 Of Edgar Tompson's Leaving

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7357

Updated: 2019-09-26 21:39

Tompson turned around slowly, intending to take a look, but he could no longer see William's house from where he was standing right now. However, he did remember that there was an SUV in front of William's house, he just didn't know whose car it was.

"Is Edgar here?" Tompson looked at a soldier on guard and asked him.

The soldier saluted him and answered respectfully, "Yes Sir, Colonel Edgar is here! He came back with Lieutenant Maggie Du, the Chief Officer's daughter."

Tompson rolled his eyes at the man. 'I didn't ask him about Maggie, why did he have to tell me that?' He became annoyed. If the soldier hadn't told him that they came back together, he would just have left after asking and satisfying his curiosity. But now he felt upset and disappointed. He stood around for a moment and eventually realized that he couldn't leave in peace now.

Tompson took out a notebook and a pen, and then he wrote down a few words and a phone number on a piece of paper before handing it to the soldier. He said to him, "Please give this to Lieutenant Maggie Du."

"Yes, Sir," the soldier responded respectfully and accepted the paper. Then Tompson left the compound where he had been raised. His father was involved in big trouble, which eventually damaged his whole family. However, he had become so careless that he thought it was too late to change anything.

Now Tompson decided to leave here, to leave S Army and the military medical clinic forever. Perhaps he shouldn't have had any connection with the military from the very beginning. It had been right for him to leave here in the past, yet his decision to later return appeared to be a huge mistake; because even though he had come back for Maggie, he didn't fight for her. As a result, he now had lost her. Was he really in love with Maggie? Or was he just feeling so lonely that he had mistakenly thought that Maggie could be the one who would clear up his loneliness?

He kept asking himself this question. However, even after he got into a taxi and drove far away, he still could not find the answer. Did he have feelings for her only because he was lonely? Or was he trying to convince himself that he didn't love her just so

s home, they headed back to their apartment. The moment they stepped into the apartment, Edgar couldn't restrain himself any longer and pushed her against the wall. He asked her in a harsh and low voice, "Who wrote you the note?"

"Gosh!" Maggie groaned as she almost choked on the overpowering reek of alcohol from Edgar's mouth. She stared at him and complained, "How much did you drink?! I could get drunk just by smelling that awful reek from your mouth!"

Edgar stared at her with his deep violent eyes. After a second, he leaned even closer to her.

Maggie didn't sense any danger from Edgar, because she still tried to push him away; however, Edgar was standing steadily like a mountain. No matter how hard Maggie pushed him, he didn't budge at all. Maggie couldn't help groaning, "Edgar…"

"What?" Edgar asked in a provocative tone, staring at her with an ardent look. At that moment, he felt an overwhelming urge to copulate with his beloved new wife. Maggie was like a small, succulent lamb, ready for slaughter in his greedy eyes right now, and he was desperate to consume her with his passion.

Finally, Maggie noticed that Edgar was not sober, and that his thoughts bordered on something evil, as she could feel something hard was pressing against her lower body. She then realized that she was in big danger right now.

"Uncle Three…" Maggie didn't dare move at all, and she whispered to him nervously, "Can you… Can you control your thing?"

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