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   Chapter 1328 Extra Story 83 Of Edgar A Mother's Advice

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Wilson and William considered that if Maggie would pursue a civilian career after graduation, maybe Edgar would also apply to be transferred to a civilian position, so as not to part from his wife for a long time.

It really didn't matter to Wilson. However, it was quite a problem for William. As a father who hoped that his daughter could live a comfortable and easy life, he didn't want Maggie to work in the special forces. But as a leader in the army, he also didn't want such a capable subordinate as Edgar to leave either. Therefore, it was not until now that he found himself in a massive dilemma.

"In my opinion," Wilson said, twirling the glass with its fiery spirit before taking a sip. "Children should make their own decisions. I don't bother to become involved in their things." Hinting at William to have another sip too, he continued, "I remember that you disliked being controlled by your father when you were young. But look, what are you doing now? Now that your own child has grown up, you also want to control her." His words sounded disgruntled, as if he were personally disappointed in William's take on matters.

When William heard what Wilson said, his mouth pressed into a thin line of pensiveness as he considered the situation. After thinking twice, he had to agree with Wilson. Therefore, he said to Edgar, "Now that you have married Maggie, I won't bother to take part in her job selection. She is your responsibility now."

This was exactly what Edgar had wanted to hear. He had never discussed the future of Maggie's career with her, but he was quite capable of roughly guessing what she wanted, based on his understanding of her. There was wild and arrogant blood burning in her body. With such a disposition and unquenchable passion, the Eagle Special Brigade could temper her into the sharpest weapon. However, it didn't mean that he wanted Maggie to be a member of the special forces. In fact, he didn't want her to be involved in any danger, of any kind. However, how could he cool her passionate blood by himself?

If he did that, it would be too cruel not only for her, but also for him.

mpound, Tompson unconsciously looked in the direction of Maggie's home. He didn't look away again until quite a while later when his train of thought was disturbed by the noise of a group of children passing by. With a bitter smile tugging at the corners of his mouth, he turned around and walked towards the gate of the compound. Once upon a time, Maggie and he had played and fought like these children. However, all those memories had been left in the past.

Sometimes he wondered whether he could become self-willed instead of being so reasonable. Somebody had once commented that his love was too peaceful. He never expressed his affection frankly or eagerly enough, nor did he ever insist on getting any response from the woman whom he loved. Perhaps he could have won Maggie's love if he had taken some extreme measures.

Tompson stood at the gate of the compound. Without turning to look back, he knew that all of the military surgeons in S Army were there behind him, their eyes fixed on his back, silently willing him to reconsider. A bitter smile played at the corners of his mouth. He sighed slightly. After taking a last look at the guards, finally he took a step forward, intending to leave.

Then, at that moment, some unknown person said, "Why is the Captain of the Eagle Special Brigade's car parked outside the deputy commander's house?" Hearing these words, Tompson stopped dead in his tracks.


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