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   Chapter 1327 Extra Story 82 Of Edgar A Mother's Advice

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Maggie had wanted to hide the development of their relationship from her parents, but she knew now that she would undoubtedly not succeed in doing that in consideration of the situation. With this in mind, she could not help but roll her eyes. With a heavy, thunderstruck face, she looked at Edgar miserably. Knowing that she would not escape today's events, she curled her lips into a forced smile and weakly greeted everybody present, "Wilson, Dad, Mom." After greeting them, she pulled Edgar towards her, locking their hands together, fingers intertwined. Standing by his side, she bravely said, "As you know, I've married Uncle..." She swallowed her words immediately when she realized what she was calling Edgar. Then blushing, she corrected herself immediately, "I've married Edgar. We've obtained our marriage certificates. Hmm, that's all what I wanted to say."

William had tried his best to prevent himself from laughing aloud while his daughter was speaking. Finally, he could not restrain this great urge any longer and burst into laughter. He walked towards her and carefully looked her up and down. In a relieved tone, he said, "Great! My daughter's ultimate dream of so many years has finally come true. Congratulations! Aha... Hana, go to fetch the special spirits which I have been saving for years. I must celebrate and have a good drink together with Wilson and Edgar today." Seeing that Edgar had opened his mouth, intending to say something, William knew that Edgar wanted to refuse his plan. Pulling a long face, he said, "You're taking a vacation. And today is the weekend. Nothing would be affected by taking a drink with me."

Just as William said, it didn't matter if they drank on the weekend, especially on the day on which Edgar and Maggie had legally gotten married. Besides, Edgar was on vacation. A drink would not affect his work.

"Dad, can you drink now?" Maggie asked, throwing cold water on her father's plan. She was miffed, and she would seek revenge for even the smallest grievance on anybody, and William was no exception.

Hearing his daughter's question, William was dazed by her spoiling the moment. Then he said complacently, "Well, your mother, my leader, agrees. Aha..." While laughing, he pulled Edgar over to the dining table.

The day on which someone was legally married would always

nsel, Maggie straightened. Looking at Hana with a serious expression on her face, she said, "Don't worry. I do know how far to go and when it's time to stop. In public, I will give him enough respect as a leader; but at home, I will learn from you and try to be the leader."

Hearing her daughter's plan, Hana burst into laughter. Amused by Maggie's funny response, she stretched out her hand to tap at Maggie's forehead. "You're naughty!" she said smiling as she felt greatly relieved now.

While the mother and daughter were chatting casually in the living room, the three men, who were the leaders of three generations once had served in the army, were drinking in the dining room. They talked about minor things that had happened instead of any single big event. Once in a while, the marriage of Edgar and Maggie would also be mentioned.

"Maggie is still too young, so we don't have to make any decisions now," Edgar gave the final decisive words. "Let's talk about it when she graduates next year."

Hearing his prognosis, Wilson and William looked at each other knowingly. When their eyes met, a tacit understanding was formed, and they both smiled. As sophisticated servicemen, both of these leaders were extremely shrewd. As soon as they heard Edgar say that, they knew that he wanted to wait and see what type of job Maggie would do after she graduated in the next year. It was said that a woman would pay more attention to her family than to her work, once she got married. However, Edgar turned out to prove that was also true of some men.

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