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   Chapter 1326 Extra Story 81 Of Edgar Visiting Maggie's Family

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8333

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"Get in the car, that is an order!" Edgar demanded once more.

Maggie was born with the instinct of rebelling, however, the environment where she was brought up and the experiences she had in college and while at the Eagle had cultivated the habit of obeying. It was now a part of her to show obedience to authority figures.

After she obediently got back in the car, she kept looking out through the window, trying to ignore Edgar. She was saddened because she thought it was unfair that Edgar had managed to marry her without making much effort at all. To add insult to injury, she had been the one to pay for their marriage certificates!

While she was still raging about this in her mind, she suddenly noticed that something was wrong. The surroundings outside had become very familiar. What was going on?

Blinking, Maggie straightened up and looked around. When Edgar stopped his car at the gate of the military compound and gave his credentials to a soldier on guard duty, she felt astonished. 'Oh my God, I could die, ' Maggie murmured in her mind.

"Colonel Edgar!" the soldier on guard greeted Edgar and saluted him. Then he respectfully returned Edgar's credentials with both hands and lifted the boom gate for them.

While Maggie was thinking of trying to escape, Edgar instantly locked the car to stop her from opening the door. He started the engine and headed into the compound. Finally, he stopped at William's house. He turned to Maggie and asked, "That's your house. Are you going to run away?"

Maggie was angry with Edgar as he didn't tell her before taking her back to her family's house. She said irritably, "Edgar, how could you do this!" He shrugged and unfastened his seat belt. She was almost driven mad by his inconsiderate decision. Maggie had previously been told by Cathy that Edgar was quite overbearing, but… What had happened today was a huge leap for her, from heaven to pure hell. What a horrible person he had turned out to be!

Edgar looked at Maggie who was furious, then sighed helplessly and his eyes turned brooding. "You know what..." Meeting her wild eyes, Edgar became serious. He spoke to her earnestly, "I don't want to be the man who, as you said, has problems in his character. So I must inform William about our marriage today!"

Staring at his sincere face, Maggie no longer felt angry—she couldn't stand that look on his face. She then whispered, "But, I haven't gotten ready yet." Actually, Maggie had told William and Hana about

inally walked into the house slowly. Maggie first looked at William who was there, smiling, and then her eyes went to Wilson, as she was so surprised to see him there also.

"I'm here to join in the fun," noticing Maggie's confusion, Wilson explained with a smile. "I am getting old now, and there is not much fun remaining for me to enjoy. Now that Edgar invites me to come here as he is going to announce something, of course I would not say no to that."

Maggie resented Edgar from the bottom of her heart for what he had done at that moment. She already felt so embarrassed and awkward at facing William and Hana, and thanks to Edgar, she now had to deal with Wilson as well. Since she didn't know the relationship between Edgar and Wilson who was just a guard at the school, she wondered why Edgar would invite him to witness the announcement of his marriage.

"What, Maggie? You and Edgar secretly go get your marriage certificates without letting me know first, and now you feel embarrassed and don't even say a word?" William asked, his face drawn and serious on purpose.

Hana was after all Maggie's mother, so she knew quite clearly what Maggie was thinking about. She came to Maggie and whispered to her, "Wilson was one of your father's commanding officers before. He used to be one of the military commissioners." Watching Maggie's astonished expression, Hana continued, "Couldn't you and Edgar have just waited to go get your marriage certificates, silly girl? Were you planning to hide it from us forever if Edgar hadn't needed to ask us for the family register?"

Maggie was at a loss for words and could only stare mutely at her mother.

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