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   Chapter 1325 Extra Story 80 Of Edgar Only Nine Dollars

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Looking back at Maggie, who was staring at them with her head resting on the open window of the car door, Edgar nodded and simply replied, "Yes."

Rene patted him on his shoulder and said, "Buddy, lucky you..." Suddenly, he burst into evil laughter and continued, "Who has ever complained that Maggie was dreadfully conceited?" As soon as he said this, Rene chuckled again and walked towards his own car. Before he got into the car, he added, "Do remember to spread the feast! Damn it! The money that I have prepared for your wedding as lucky money is about to depreciate."

"I will not spread the feast until your money appreciates..." Edgar yelled back at him.

Hearing these words, Rene paused, and glanced back at Edgar before joking, "Alas! Look! My child is already going to graduate from the elementary school. Now that you have finally married, I will surely have to give you the lucky money to make you happy."

Curving his lips into a sly smile, Edgar turned around and got into the car. As soon as he took the driver's seat, he saw that Maggie was flipping through their marriage certificates. Turning to him, she casually asked, "Edgar... I've just realized that my parents still don't know that we have had our marriage registered. Haven't you considered that..." Waving the marriage certificates back and forth, she seemed to be filled with excitement instead of anxiety, and even flashed a sly smile.

But all of the expressions on her face became a frozen stare upon hearing what Edgar said in the next moment. "How could I have gotten your household register if they didn't know about our marriage registration?"

His question left Maggie totally speechless. Winking at her, Edgar started the engine. It was not until quite a while later th

hy she had suddenly gotten so angry. Just now, weren't they talking very happily with each other? Edgar looked down at the small marriage certificates that they were just taking about, carefully picked them up from the floor and wiped the dust away. Afterwards, his eyes darkened under a deeply furrowed brow. He stared at the angry Maggie who was walking farther and farther away, and muttered to himself, "Wasn't I finding out a way to solve the problem? But, then why did she get angry... Well, it seems that a striking generation gap really exists between us." Shaking his head with a long and heavy sigh, he tucked the marriage certificates into his pocket and then started the engine to chase after Maggie.

As he caught up with her, he opened the window of his car and called out, "Maggie, get in the car now. Let's solve them if there are any problems... Why do you act this way?"

"Humph!" Maggie snorted angrily, turned her head to the other side and still kept walking ahead.

Edgar looked down slightly at the road ahead and threw a hard look at her. Then, he stopped the car and said seriously in a drill-sergeant voice, "Get in the car. That is an order!"

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