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   Chapter 1324 Extra Story 79 Of Edgar Only Nine Dollars

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5960

Updated: 2019-09-24 00:14

While looking at the ring, Maggie asked, "By the way, will we violate any of our military disciplines for registering our marriage so abruptly? Well... You're someone of note, and even if I am not that well known in the forces, I think it is inappropriate for us to get a marriage certificate so rashly. Am I right?"

"I have already reported our marriage registration!" As he uttered these words, Edgar pushed the glass door open, grabbed Maggie's hand and swiftly guided her into the administrative service hall, walking straight towards the lonely staff on duty...

"Hmm, the two of you were confessing your love to each other out there. I have only slept for two hours, but then I was called to come here just for your marriage registration. Didn't you think about my feelings..." So saying, the official behind the desk stared at Maggie with his blurred sleepy eyes. Then, he added, "Well, Edgar... Previously, I never see you dating any women, but now, you've managed to hook up with such a beautiful lady who is much younger than you... Do you think it is suitable for you to do this?"

"It is none of your business! No matter if it is suitable or not... I know that you can't make it like me, so don't be too jealous!" As soon as he finished chastising the official, Edgar took their household registers and identity cards out of his pockets. Then, he spontaneously handed an application form to Maggie, and took one for himself. As he started to fill in the form, he blurted out to the man, "You always act crazily on weekends. I am often confused as to how your wife could have tolerated you."

"I am so busy during the week that I feel rather exhausted. During the weekends, I just like playing mahjong to relax myself. I don't think that I've gone too far by doing tha

All of these things were not quite worthwhile. But meanwhile, nine dollars could even endow people with certain responsibility... By paying nine dollars, Edgar and Maggie received their marriage certificates. From now on, they were legally bonded. They would keep each other company and support each other for the rest of their lives.

Right after accepting their marriage certificates, they walked out of the bureau. It was very sunny outside, but the wind was piercingly chilly... In spite of the nippy wind, Maggie still hadn't become clear-headed. She asked in a daze, "Well... Does this mean that we will spend the rest of our lives together?"

Edgar opened the door of his car and motioned for her to get into the car first. After she took her seat, he closed the door and walked over to Rene, who had followed them out. Then, he said, "Buddy, thank you!"

"By the way, is Maggie the daughter of William Du, the head of our regiment?" William had still been the head of a regiment in the army when Rene retired from the military service. Rene had gotten used to calling him the head of our regiment, although he obviously knew that William had been promoted to a higher rank.

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