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   Chapter 1323 Extra Story 78 Of Edgar Only Nine Dollars

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"Hey, come on! Aren't you embarrassed to lie like that? After all, it was you who proposed watching the video on that airline stewardess..." Maggie suddenly paused, as she saw Edgar pushing the door open. Her eyes blinked crazily for a moment, and she felt as if she was dreaming, as it was beyond her wildest expectation that Edgar would return and walk in while she was talking about a sex video with Monica. Her face blushed, as she was afraid that Edgar might have heard what she had talked about on the phone. Left with no choice, she ended the phone call by saying, "You go and do your laundry. Bye!"

On the other end of the phone, Monica was yelling, in an attempt to quibble back. In spite of her friend's screaming, Maggie hung up the phone right away. Her lips nervously pressed together as she stared at Edgar and thought secretly, 'Will he feel weird about me if he has overheard what I just said? It must be rather difficult for him to accept the truth that even girls like me watch sex videos...' After they had spent the whole night together, Edgar must have come to know clearly what kind of woman Maggie was—the two of them openly and frankly discussed different poses for lovemaking with each other last night. Both of them had opened their hearts to each other, so they hadn't felt shy or ashamed at all. Considering that her conversation with Monica about sex videos had possibly been overheard by Edgar, Maggie felt a strong sense of shame as though she was standing naked in front of the neatly dressed Edgar. It was as if he could appreciate her body and do with her as he wished while remaining aloof and untouchable himself.

Looking at Maggie, Edgar sighed secretly and thought, 'Gosh! Is there anything more brazen than this?'

"Hi Edgar, you're back," Maggie greeted in a very soft voice like a spoiled child. No matter what Edgar had heard, she determined to insist that she had only talked about a stewardess... Anyway, she did not mention the actress' name in that sex tape. Thus, Maggie thought that perhaps there was still a strong likelihood that Edgar hadn't misunderstood and looked down upon her. Since she only mentioned the stewardess, she considered that she could explain to

er attention to Edgar and mumbled, "You haven't even proposed to me... And we are already here to get a marriage certificate?" This had all really progressed too fast. Although she was willing to marry Edgar, she was still overburdened with wild thoughts...

But before she could straighten out her thoughts, a platinum diamond ring appeared before her... She stared at the ring quite blankly for a long while before she looked up at Edgar.

"Hmm! I bought this ring for our engagement on overdraft... Will you feel that I am too insincere?" Edgar asked Maggie, gazing at her with a radiant smile brightening his face.

At this moment, Maggie was completely overwhelmed with intense joy that couldn't easily be described in words. She was so happy and excited that she even forgot to reply to Edgar. It was not until some moments later that she licked her lips a little and answered in a feigned manner, "Hmm, sure. You are a little insincere as you said..." Upon hearing this reply from her, Edgar instinctively wanted to take his hand and the offered ring back. But before he could do that, Maggie grabbed his hand in a flash and explained, "But anyway, it is your own responsibility to repay the overdraft. And so, I will accept your ring, even though I am a little reluctant." Curving her lips into a broad smile, she reached out for the ring, like an arrogant princess.

Smiling back quite weirdly, Edgar put the ring on her finger. The size was exactly correct...

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