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   Chapter 1322 Extra Story 77 Of Edgar Only Nine Dollars

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Staring at Maggie with great affection, Edgar looked serious and thoughtful. Like Maggie, at times, he also wondered how long their love would last and if they could love each other this much for the rest of their lives... But the age gap was too big between them. Every time when she thought of their striking age gap, Maggie was always overwhelmed by a strong feeling of insecurity, so was Edgar.

Without responding to her in so many words, Edgar merely heaved a gentle sigh and gestured her to continue with the noodles that had just been prepared. After their meal, they went to wash the bowls together as if they were a couple. As William had judged, Edgar was a competent and reliable man. He had shown a strong character. His competencies were not only reflected in his routine exercises and combat operations, but also shown in his diligent housework and many other aspects. While holding such a favorable impression of him, William was certain that Edgar would take good care of and spoil Maggie tremendously as long as they were together. As a father, William was content with his daughter's decision in choosing Edgar.

Although Edgar didn't reply to her earlier question, Maggie no longer fussed about it. Since Edgar had chosen to keep silent, she didn't want to question him closely, or else a quarrel might be stirred up. Besides, she was good at relieving herself from worries... To put it mildly, time goes by at its own pace, whether you are happy or not. Then, why would she have to ask for trouble? Maggie didn't want to put herself out in that way. Bluntly put, she was reluctant to face up to the realities of their situation and instead preferred to live in blissful dreams.

After clearing the table in the kitchen, Edgar opened his luggage and took out something, which he secretly put in his pocket. Then he stood on the balcony. While outside, where no one could hear, he made a furtive phone call and spoke for quite a long time.

Maggie was very curious about who the person was on the other end of the phone, but she didn't ask Edgar when she saw him coming in. Since he had made the phone call in secret, she guessed that it inevitably involved something very confidential. If it was really as she guessed, it would surely be taboo for her to que

urely take advantage of those too. So it's no wonder that he has mastered the skills of lovemaking that well!" While saying this, Monica suddenly thought of something and asked, "Maggie, I remember that we previously joked with each other about trying some lovemaking poses. Did you and Edgar practice all of the poses last night?"

"Of course, we did..." Maggie replied very seriously. Her face still blushing, she stammered and paused for a moment before she continued, "It seemed that he was very curious about the different lovemaking poses too. But anyway, he did a very good job in each of the poses..."

On the other end of the phone, Monica was stunned into an awed silence by what Maggie had just told her. Her imagination ran wild at the thought of the pleasures her friend had enjoyed the previous night. Left speechless, she gazed up at the ceiling in her dorm room, with one hand on her forehead. Soon enough, she chided, "Maggie Du, you win!" Pursing her lips, she continued, "Just look at yourself! You appear to be pure, but in fact, you are evil. I think only a man like Edgar, who seems brisk and dignified but is inherently as fierce as a wolf or tiger, is willing to date a woman like you." With a long and heavy sigh, Monica added again, "Alas! You have been sexually satisfied. How pathetic I am! I have no boyfriend and no one keeps me company. I think I would rather go do laundry than bother your wonderful time with your man..." After finishing her words, Monica let out a heavy sign again.

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