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   Chapter 1320 Extra Story 75 Of Edgar The First Time

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Maggie blinked her eyes open a few times, giving them time to adjust to the face of the man before her. In her hand was a torn off piece of towel and holding her from behind was a strong, muscular arm. She could feel the warm breath of the man she thought of every day on her cheeks.

She took a breath, hearing water dripping in the silence, as steam rose from the surface into the freezing air. A drop of water ran from Edgar's head and landed on Maggie's face, breaking her trance.

Maggie thought she had done everything possible and impossible in her life with Edgar. Although she felt the urge to pull off Edgar's bath towel, she decided to let it go as it would be inappropriate.

Maggie wanted to scream in anger, finding herself in an embarrassing situation and desperately hoping this moment to pass in a breakneck fashion.

Edgar felt so awkward that he even forgot to help Maggie up. So they ended up staring at each other, speechlessly, in that odd posture for quite some time. The fragrance from Maggie's body took away Edgar's senses, causing blood to flow into his organ, blowing up from within and hardening while he grimaced to keep it down.

Maggie looked at the burning desire in Edgar's eyes and swallowed, wondering if she should say something to break the ice. But before she could open her mouth to say something, the bath towel wrapped around her body loosened and dropped to the floor. As she looked down, Edgar's eyes followed by instinct.

The abrupt manner in which the entire scene unfolded from being unspectacular to incredibly dramatic was staggering. Such a perfectly timed coincidence that could only be found in novels actually happened to Maggie.

With one loud shriek, she scrambled to cover her naked breasts with both arms, but unfortunately she didn't have enough hands to cover her lower part. Out of embarrassment, she let out a scream again and quickly bent down to pick up the towel from the floor. That was when her eyes met with the surprise he was trying to hide away from her.

Alas! Indeed, such a dramatic scene could only be found in novels.

The first thought that came to her mind was to pick up the towel and make a run for it. However, even though she was staring straight into the face of an awkward situation

had sex with many women?"

"No!" Edgar responded quickly, holding Maggie in his arms.

"I don't believe it..." Maggie rolled her eyes at him. "I remember seeing you on top of a woman with gigantic boobs in Living In Cloud..."

"..." Edgar furrowed his brows slightly and explained, "That was a Kathoey." He sighed. "I happened to be on a holiday and was just doing Zachary a favor."

Maggie propped herself up with her elbows and said, "Really?"

"I swear it!" Edgar leered at Maggie. "Yes, really!"

Maggie lay back and rested her head on his firm chest. She was able to find an inexplicable sense of peace and security in the loving arms of this man and she wanted to spend the rest of the night chatting with him about anything and everything. "So you're a bit more energetic than the average man, aren't you?"

"..." Edgar was speechless. "Would you like to test me again?"

Maggie was immediately alerted, and her eyes widened. "I don't need to test you anymore." Maggie wasn't joking. It was bad enough that she couldn't even stand on her legs after they were finished, and she didn't have the courage to be ravaged again. "Okay, you need to calm down. How did you manage to satisfy your hunger all these years?"

Maggie was curious. Fortunately, Edgar, much like most army men, did not have any problems dealing with shame and speaking his mind. "All the soldiers in the camp are essentially hungry wolves. What can we do? Of course, every once in a while, we'd have to give ourselves a hand."

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