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   Chapter 1319 Extra Story 74 Of Edgar The Change In The Relationship

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5832

Updated: 2019-09-22 04:26

While Maggie had a shower, Edgar tidied everything up in the kitchen. The long military life and various wilderness survival had hard wired his habit to handle everything by himself and not rely on anyone else. Whereas in Edgar's eyes, Maggie was just a young girl who was vulnerable and depended on the help of others. When Maggie called him "Uncle Three", he naturally assumed the responsibility of looking after her to some extent.

So Maggie's concern of Edgar leaving her one day was justified as he was afraid of the same thing as well. He was equally concerned of whether she would one day tire of his company. As a single-minded partner, he treated Molly the same way he was treating Maggie. However, it took him years to heal himself and get over Molly. Now faced with a new relationship, he seemed to have butterflies in his stomach.

Edgar lowered his head and forced a weak smile on his face with a sense of self-mockery. Listening to the sound of the shower and imagining the hundreds of warm droplets falling on Maggie's body gave Edgar an erection.

As he looked down at his hardening penis, Edgar suddenly realized that he had been suppressing his sexual desires for a long time. So when he opened his heart and mind up to the new relationship, he felt like a hungry wolf waiting to devour the bathing lamb.

Edgar tried to suppress the intense sexual desire, but as soon as he calmed down, he felt his penis erecting again. So he decided to get the clothes he was going to change into after taking a shower. Deep inside his heart, he didn't want to sleep with Maggie so early in their relationship. Of course, his real concern was that the bold and sensitive girl would exclude him off the list.

When Maggie came out from

As her confidant and good friend, Maggie couldn't believe that Monica would hurt her with such words. Just as the old saying goes, "You may kill me, but you may never insult me."

"I don't believe that I couldn't lure Edgar with my average breasts!" Maggie hung up the phone without waiting for Monica's reply. Next, she strode over to the door of the bathroom to wait for Edgar. Meanwhile, she struck some poses which she believed to be glamorous and alluring. With the shower sound fading away, she appeared to be rattled and busy with altering different poses.

However, much to Maggie's surprise, when the door was opened from the inside, she fumbled and fell down as she had been leaning against the door. "Ah..."

Edgar would usually be astute and notice that someone had been standing at the door. However, he was distracted this time and was caught off guard. It was his natural instinct to catch her. While Maggie was in a panic and began to fall, she grabbed at anything that she could reach for by instinct. That happened to be the towel that Edgar had wrapped around his waist. She pulled it right off, exposing Edgar's muscular naked body. .

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