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   Chapter 1318 Extra Story 73 Of Edgar The Change In The Relationship

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6138

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"I don't stay here often..." Pouting her lips, Maggie said, "As you know our school doesn't allow us to hang out during the weekends. So having meals that can be prepared quickly is much more convenient. I must have brought it with me the last time I came here."

Edgar shook his head helplessly and closed the fridge. "Why don't you rest for a while?" He was already at the front door when he said that.

"Where are you going?"

"I'm going to the convenience store to buy something." While he spoke, he put his sneakers on and prepared to leave.

When Edgar was already out the door, Maggie realized something and shouted, "Didn't you say that you're running low on cash?"

However, Edgar had already left and didn't hear what she had said. He returned shortly after, carrying two bags of groceries. As soon as he came in, Maggie immediately asked, "Where did you get the money to buy that?"

Edgar glimpsed at the bags in his hands and gave her a puzzled look. "You know you can make an overdraft on the credit card, don't you?"

Maggie bit back, "Well, then you should also know that the credit card can also be overdrawn to pay for accommodation at a hotel."

"But that would be absolutely humiliating!" Edgar put the slippers on again, and spoke in a profound way. "It would be so embarrassing to take my girlfriend to a hotel and pay with an overdrawn credit card. However, it's totally acceptable to buy something for her to eat."

Maggie came to realize that she was fascinated by Edgar's sweet talk all day. Hearing his words, Maggie felt moved. It was as if he meant the whole world to her. 'Why haven't I noticed that Edgar was so sweet up until this moment? Whereas others think of him as aloof.'

Maggie sat at the table, waiting for the midnight snack to be ready. She didn't get to eat very much since she

gy due to the comprehensive course that I took. Therefore, you don't need to tell lies in front of me about something you are reluctant to do." With that, he volunteered to clean the dishes. "You may go and have a rest."

"Uncle Three..." Maggie rested her slim arms onto the table and propped her chin in her palms while watching Edgar go to the kitchen. "You're so kind to me. What will I do if you abandon me, and I have no one else to take care of me?"

Edgar suddenly turned to look at Maggie to see if she was joking or not. When he saw that she was being serious, he frowned, feeling quite angry and he went back to washing the dishes without saying a word.

Maggie never made a fuss about something unimportant, but she was indeed concerned about this problem. Although Edgar refused to do this stuff, she were willing to do it or for his sake as long as they were together. The truth was that Edgar was competent in doing almost everything. So there was little chance that Maggie could live up to his standard and do something to impress him. What if Edgar grew tired of her and no longer felt the same way about her one day? If that happened, then what he had done to her would become the most hurtful wound.

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