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   Chapter 1315 Extra Story 70 Of Edgar A Long Night

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Immediately, everybody else followed him, booing and hooting. They didn't stop until Maggie's face had become as red as blood and Edgar said, "Don't tease her. Let's drink".

At the same time, Acid carried a big bowl of soup into the room. Following him was a woman, who seemed to be in her early thirties. The woman carried a tray of dough drop in sour soup in her hands.

"Edgar, what are you talking about? You all look so happy," the woman asked while placing the tray on the table. Then, turning her head to look at Maggie, she continued, "This must be the young Mrs. Gu Acid told me about, right?" Without waiting for the answer from Maggie or anybody else, she wiped her hands hastily with the apron she wore before stretching her hand out towards Maggie and introducing herself, "Nice to meet you, Mrs. Gu. My name is Mamie. I'm older now, but they all still treat me as their little younger sister."

In a hurry, Maggie stood up and shook hands with Mamie. With a big smile on her face, she introduced herself in turn, "Nice to meet you, Mamie. Please don't call me Mrs. Gu as they do. You may call me Maggie."

"Okay, Maggie," Mamie said, smiling. Then she made a gesture, hinting everybody to be seated. She and Acid also joined them.

While eating, the company was pleasant and they all talked and laughed. The dinner had started from before seven o'clock, when dusk had fallen, and didn't come to an end until after eleven o'clock that night. Some of them were even quite drunk. They cried out loud while talking.

Edgar spoke less and less as the dinner went on. He was almost silent. Zachary was somewhat drunk too. Every time he mentioned events that they had experienced while they were in the Shar

his dignity at this time?

"Besides, I have contacted my acquaintance at the Dragon Empire Group," Edgar said. "You can take your child to Dragon Island after the New Year is celebrated. They have the most advanced technology and brilliant medical minds in the world there."

Sniffing and nodding, Acid said, "Edgar, thank you very much for doing so much for us. Alas, now I am lame and thus not able to find a good job. As a man, I feel very sorry for my family. Mamie looks strong, but we both know that is only because she has no other choice but to pretend to be so."

Hearing this, Edgar patted Acid on the shoulder. He felt very sad in his heart, but he tried his best to restrain his emotions. "Everybody knows that without being told. I believe you and Mamie will live a comfortable life and your child will recover soon." After patting Acid on his shoulder again, he said, "I'm going with Maggie."

Taking a deep breath, Acid nodded. Taking a glance at the others who were still drinking, he said, "Okay. Don't worry about them. I won't allow them to drive home now. I will arrange for all of them to stay upstairs in the hotel."

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