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   Chapter 1314 Extra Story 69 Of Edgar A Long Night

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However, her words didn't amuse him as she aimed to. Instead, he began gazing at her with deeper, questioning insight. He wondered if perhaps it was because he was much older than her and there was a generation gap between the two of them that he was always stunned by Maggie's simple and straightforward confessions. He was not quite used to the open way in which young people expressed their feelings. However, he was sure that he was happy to hear her say this at the moment.

Therefore, he tightened his grip on her hand. With an unruly smile playing at the corners of his mouth, Edgar said, "Let's go then, my future Mrs. Gu." As soon as he spoke, he took the lead and stepped aside. He pulled Maggie up the last steps to walk into a private room at the top of the stairs.

Maggie had always been able to say whatever came into her mind quite frankly in front of the people she was familiar with. However, when she met somebody for the first time or was in front of somebody she was not very familiar with yet, she would become reserved and behave like a noble lady.

Which was exactly what she acted like at the moment. When a group of people she didn't know at all suddenly called her "Mrs. Gu" as she entered the room, she flushed a deep red immediately. Although they were joking, she blushed as red as a ripe tomato.

"All right. You'd better stop making fun of Maggie," Edgar said in an undisciplined manner. "If you scare her away, it will be very difficult for me to find another girlfriend."

Hearing this, Zachary took a sideways glance at him. "What? I remember somebody once saying that his wife would only be like clothes, while we would always be like his hands and feet. What's going on here? That somebody now seems to value clothes more than his hands and feet, even long before the clothes have become his wife. Hey guys, I think we'd better go away now. Otherwise, if Edgar one day doesn't have clothes to wear, he will be very likely to blame us." As soon as he finished his speech, Zachary made as if to rise from the table.

However, Edgar didn't seem keen to ask him to stay. Looking at Maggie, Edgar made the introductions. "He's Zachary Liang. He was

ow tone in her ear, "You shouldn't pinch a man's waist at will and in public."

Hearing this, Maggie immediately remembered that she had once been told that every man in the army might look priggish and aloof on the surface, but once he had established the relationship with a woman as boyfriend and girlfriend, they would become a ravenous wolf immediately, not only in his speech but also in his action.

As soon as the saying occurred to her, Maggie blushed. "You're really shameless!" she said, blushing again.

Looking at how she responded, Edgar could not help but burst into laughter. "You pinched me, but then you say it's me who is being shameless. All right. It's really difficult to please you! No wonder there is a saying that, 'it is not wise to provoke a villain or a woman'."

"..." Maggie fell speechless again. She would have taken revenge on him immediately for the teasing, if she wasn't facing several men who called her "Mrs. Gu". Considering her image and his dignity, she dared not act too wildly in public.

"Well, how about we all retreat?" Zachary said in a discontented voice. "Have a look at them! They don't want us to enjoy the delicious meal, do they?" While speaking, he winked at every one of the former comrade-in-arms. Taking a look at Edgar and Maggie, who were whispering to each other secretly, he insinuated that the two of them looked too sweet and that all the others weren't in the mood to eat any longer.

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