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   Chapter 1313 Extra Story 68 Of Edgar A Long Night

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While she said this, the car pulled up at a parking space next to the road. Edgar turned his head to look at Maggie. Seeing the urgent expectation in her eyes, he knew that she was expecting him to say the words to her personally. He lowered his eyes. With a faint smile at the corners of his mouth, he said slowly, "Maggie Du..." Then he raised his eyes, meeting hers. His eyes were deep and bottomless orbs which swallowed her very soul. In a low, deep, and magnetic voice, he continued, "I love you."

Hearing the words from his lips, Maggie's eyes widened immediately. After months of doubting and worrying, she almost didn't believe her ears. She asked him, "Edgar, say it again!"

Edgar looked deeply at her, with great warmth and affection before turning away. Then he unfastened the seat belt and stepped out of the car, ignoring her request. When he heard her voice behind him, a faint smile gradually formed at the corners of his mouth.

As fast as she could, Maggie unfastened her seat belt and got out of the car too. She hesitated as she looked at the alocasia in her arms and was indecisive for a few seconds. In the end, she decided to leave them in the car. "Edgar, wait a minute!" she called out. In a hurry, she ran to catch up with him, not paying attention to where he was going. It was not until she had followed him into a small restaurant that she remembered that they were going to have dinner.

"This restaurant is certainly an antique beauty," Maggie commented. While climbing the stairs, she looked around in wonder. All of a sudden, she stopped in her tracks at the wide landing in the middle of the stairs going up to the second floor. She looked at the next set of stairs and then at the wall beside them.

There was a camouflage net draped on the wall, on which some photos were hung with a hemp rope. Maggie touched one of the photos. Posed on the photo was a special force team that consisted of several members. All of them wore jungle combat suits, and their faces were painted in disguise. Everyone was grinning with a gun in their arms. Despite the successful disguise, Maggie easily recognized Edgar on the photo at first glance. He looked quite young in the photo, and somewhat different from how he

brave smile, but it slid off the corners of his lips, resulting in a sad and bitter scowl. He seemed so helpless then. "This restaurant is run by the orphan of a former comrade-in-arms of mine. There is a small party here this evening. I want to introduce you to the rest of them," Edgar said, grasping Maggie's hand with his. "Do you mind me doing this?"

Hearing his question, spoken in such a vulnerable tone, Maggie thought seriously for a while. Then she asked, "If I say that I do mind, can I leave?"

She asked the question in such a serious manner that Edgar was stunned. For a moment, he didn't know how to answer her. After considering for a moment, he nodded gravely and said, "If you do mind, I will leave together with you." While saying this, he stepped off from the top landing and held his hand out to her, intending to take her back downstairs.

"No," Maggie said, stopping Edgar by stepping backward abruptly. "I was just kidding. Your friends will be my friends in our future together. Of course I must meet and get to know them."

Maggie was being really guileful by saying these words, which made it sound like the relationship between her and Edgar was already very intimate. Proud of her own performance, she added complacently, "Well, maybe they are going to call me Mrs. Gu!" She pursed her lips with an easy, but sincere smile. Then she raised her chin in a slightly provocative manner, as if she was unconsciously asking whether Edgar would dare to marry her.

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