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   Chapter 1312 Extra Story 67 Of Edgar Love And Happiness

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5419

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Edgar was laughing and talking to Wilson when Maggie walked up to him.

"Edgar, you should be brave, okay? Don't be too reserved or rigid. Most of the girls nowadays are liberated ones. I think you can try some intimacy. Maybe you can kiss her or even do something more.

You're not getting any younger, but you know nearly nothing about romance.

You have waited too long to find this girl. Plus you and Maggie have a big age difference. She is much younger than you. She has more suitable choices open, but she's chosen you. Just love her and cherish her. I sincerely hope you'll be happy with her," Wilson expressed his feelings on the matter to Edgar. Edgar turned around and saw Maggie. "Okay, that sounds reasonable. I'll take Maggie out for dinner. I can ask the restaurant to send some takeout for you, if you want," Edgar suggested with a cheerful smile. "Thank you so much for thinking of me. It's so nice of you, Edgar. When I see you happy, it makes me happy. So can I have some wine? I'm not on duty today," Wilson replied.

"Yeah, no problem," Edgar said, smiling.

"Wilson, good evening," Maggie greeted him, smiling with barely contained excitement. She felt a little embarrassed in front of Wilson, because he had witnessed her childish behavior earlier during the afternoon.

Wilson happily nodded and then went back into the guardhouse. He watched them getting in the car as he took out his phone. Then, he gave William a call.

"Wilson, I haven't heard from you in a while. What's up? Is everything okay? Oh, wait a minute. I remembered you are working at Maggie's university. Is she okay? Wi

n't know much about the language of flowers. She just knew these held some significance. She was unsure of the meaning of the flowers in front of her.

She had only ever seen the white alocasia before. Orange was not a common color for this flower.

"Is it a gift for me? Thank you. They are very beautiful. But I don't know the meaning of this kind of flower," Maggie said, looking stunned. Edgar focused on driving the car and suggested in a low voice, "Maybe you can check it online?"

Maggie unlocked her phone and typed in the key words. She was a little scared and a little anxious, because she didn't know what would show up on her phone's screen. But when she saw the answer, tears blurred her sight. Her eyes misted over and she shed a warm tear.

The orange alocasia represented love.

The meaning of this flower was, 'I will love you until the last breath leaves my body'.

It was so sweet and so romantic. Maggie cleared her throat and wiped away her tears.

"I got nothing in the online search. Can you tell me in person?" she asked, tipping him a wink.

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