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   Chapter 1310 Extra Story 65 Of Edgar Love And Happiness

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7504

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Monica and Benjamin stood at a distance, watching the shocking scene. They looked at each other in surprise and couldn't believe what was happening.

"Oh, my God! Are my eyes deceiving me or is Maggie kissing that man in front of everybody? I can't believe it! She's so brave," Monica said, opening her eyes wide with joy.

"That's right. You saw what you saw. I'm curious about this man. Who is he?" Benjamin asked, smiling.

Monica shook her head and replied, "Ah, I don't know for sure, but maybe he is the Mr. Right in Maggie's heart." She wanted to look closer, so she stood on tiptoe, craning her neck. But she still couldn't see Edgar's face because of the distance. "Ah, it's too far. He is tall. That's all I know. Is he from the S Army?" Monica asked, intrigued.

"Oh, I think we both know the answer to that question! Maggie has not been herself after she interned with the S Army. It is obvious that this man is a member of the S Army," Benjamin shrugged nonchalantly as he replied.

Maggie's bold gesture of sentimentality made her stand out in the crowd. Her kiss drew the attention of everyone passing by. Public displays of affection made people curious and drew their attention. 'Oh, my God, what a sweet couple!' the people around them thought, moved by her intimate kissing of Edgar.

Immediately, they launched into discussions about Maggie and Edgar. The chatter, bustle and noise of several people speaking at once filled the whole clearing. Outside the school gate, Maggie grabbed Edgar by his shirt, her eyes welled up with tears of delight. She kissed his lips to make sure that she wasn't just imagining things and then she pressed her face into his warm chest.

Edgar felt upset when he saw that she was crying. "I'm so sorry that I kept you waiting for so long. You've done so much for me," he said gently. Then, he tipped her chin upwards and kissed her back.

His passionate kiss made Maggie feel his love, and all of the pain and longing of the past months vanished. As their kissing finished for the moment, she rested her head on Edgar's chest and relaxed into his powerful arms. She felt a great sense of calm descend over her as she listened to his heartbeat.

Wilson looked at them and thought, 'I


He thought that perhaps Maggie had realized her mistakes and would try to set them right. He nodded and told her to hand in her self-criticism on Monday. Then, he let Maggie go.

Maggie saluted him and then left the office. However, as she closed the door she made a funny face at the monitor. She walked on a few steps, taking out her phone to give Edgar a call. But no one answered the phone.

Suddenly, Maggie started to get worried. She had a bad feeling then that everything was just a part of her imagination. Maybe Edgar hadn't told her his true feelings or kissed her. All of these could have been delusions of an unwell mind!

She was frantically running down the stairs as she thought of this. She rushed to the school gate but didn't see Edgar or his car. Maggie stood by the school gate, sweating and panting. She felt helpless but didn't know what to do.

Wilson came out of the guardhouse and saw Maggie standing there. He walked up on her and asked, "Maggie, what happened? Are you okay?"

Hearing his words, Maggie turned around and saw Wilson. She looked as though she was on the verge of crying.

"Edgar had something to deal with, so he left here. He said that if you want to meet him later, he'll pick you up after your class. Then you can have dinner together," Wilson said with a smile, as though he had sensed Maggie's troubled thoughts. "He also requested a period of leave for you. You can enjoy the weekend with him off campus," he added slyly.

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