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   Chapter 1308 Extra Story 63 Of Edgar Meet Again

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"I'm fine." Maggie forced out a smile. Silently crying, she continued, "I've just caught a cold. When you called me, I was just missing home."

After she said that, Hana felt relieved. "You scared me. I just wanted to check if you were feeling better. What happened to you this time? Why does it sound so serious? Alas! I also wanted to visit you last time, but you were so firm then and said that we shouldn't abuse any family privileges." When Hana started talking, it seemed that she had opened the Pandora's Box of chatting. She couldn't restrain herself from babbling on and on. "But come to think about it. You are at your school. It's not a military zone. What do you mean by 'privilege'? My visiting you has got nothing to do with your father's power."

Sniffing, Maggie strangely felt better when her mother nagged her. She suddenly enjoyed the implied care which was contained in Hana's haranguing of her. 'What's so important about Edgar anyways? He was already gone the moment he appeared. Only family lasts forever, ' she consoled herself. This was the argument she used to convince herself and she believed that she would feel better thinking about matters in these terms, but she didn't! She felt even worse.

After chatting with Hana, Maggie finally hung up, ending the call. Her tears had stopped flowing, but her heart was still a heavy stone in her chest.

Benjamin and Monica glanced at each other. Without any verbal communication, both of them decided not to talk about anything which might bring back Maggie's tears. One could eventually share everything with a close friend, but in the meantime, there was a need for some personal space as well. Everyone had his or her own little secrets. A good friend shouldn't dig out your secrets out of curiosity, but should rather be willing to help and provide company as ne

s of sadness. What should I do?'

While Monica was in a dilemma, Maggie continued indulging in her reveries. The more she tried to get Edgar out of her mind, the more he occupied her thoughts. No matter how hard she tried, she still couldn't help but think of him. Their time together replayed in her memories like reruns of a soap opera on TV.

Then she started to look at the phone screen again, expecting to see a message appear. She even tried to live without checking messages for one whole day, but she felt so tortured. 'I am waiting for a person who is never going to reply to me. Why haven't I given up yet? What am I doing?' she questioned herself as doubt gnawed at her heart.

While she was thinking about this, she opened her phone's message box, planning to type something. But her fingers never landed on the screen. Instead they hovered in limbo above the keypad. She had to admit to herself that she was afraid; afraid that the disappointment would be too much to bear; afraid that all of her hopes for Edgar would be dashed; afraid that she would never have the chance again to even lie to herself and indulge in her dream.

If she sent another message out, it would have to be her last message to him.

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