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   Chapter 1307 Extra Story 62 Of Edgar Meet Again

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The cold which Maggie had contracted resulted in bouts of fever and she ended up lying in bed for three days. Benjamin and Monica couldn't understand why she was so sick. Usually, Maggie was as strong and vigorous as a bull, and equally hard headed. When she caught a cold, she wouldn't even need any medicine, and was in any case too stubborn to take any. Normally she recovered swiftly from illnesses and didn't need any recovery time. This time, however, she was severely sick. There was no sign of color in her pallid face, and she quickly looked gaunt and worn out.

Benjamin was peeling an apple using an army knife. If Maggie had still had some energy, she would surely have teased him about that. It was an unacceptable thing to peel an apple using an army knife. If their professor came to know about this, they would surely have been "educated" by him about what was the right thing to do.

As usual, the apple was split into three parts. Everyone got one third. However, even though her friends kindly served her with the peeled apple, Maggie still had no appetite. It was not only because of the sickness, but also her dispirited mood.

When one was physically ill, more often than not, he or she would become emotionally fragile as well. Maggie, however, had been feeling quite low and dejected even before she had become sick, so for her it was so much worse. It was as if she didn't want to recover. When the solace which the patient hoped for never appeared, the patient would begin thinking about all kinds of unfavorable things and soon be buried in wild thoughts. This all only served to drain the patient's vitality.

Maggie was now in such a mental state. No matter how she had persisted, Edgar had never replied, not even one message, nor even a single word. Maggie turned to look out the window. The sunshine was gentle, but to her, even the gentle sunlight was painfully piercing to her eyes. A tinge of bittern

you're feeling sad, you can talk to us. When you cry, I also feel so sad."

Benjamin rolled his eyes. "Monica, what are you doing?" Winking to Monica, he added, "Maggie isn't sad. She just hasn't cried for so many years. Now she is just trying to get all of the stock-piled bacteria out of her eyes."

Sniffling, Monica gave Benjamin a withering glare, then she cast a glance at Maggie, who had turned from wailing to sobbing in silence. "Right," Monica said. "I was clearly thinking too much. Maggie is obviously just flushing some bacteria from her eyes."

Still, Maggie didn't respond, and just quietly looked out through the window.

At this moment, Maggie's phone rang. However, she didn't even look at the vibrating device. Benjamin took a look at the caller ID and passed the phone to her. "Maggie, it's your mother."

She mindlessly took the phone and tapped on the 'answer' button. "Mom," she answered listlessly.

Before Hana said anything, she heard Maggie call her "mom", which shocked her. After a few seconds, she asked, "Maggie, Maggie? Maggie. What has happened?" It was rare for Maggie to address Hana as "mom". The only time that she would call her "mom' was when she felt wronged or sad. Whichever the case was, that was something that Hana didn't want to see.

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