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   Chapter 1306 Extra Story 61 Of Edgar I Miss You

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"Hana, I know sometimes I am silly. But you don't have to spell it out like that." Maggie felt disgruntled.

Hana, however, felt that what she had said made great sense. "Let me tell you this, Maggie. No matter how silly or cute you are, men will love you. They simply can't resist those two qualities. Trust me. It's going to work."

"Hana, you are really into these kinds of things. You are like a little girl."

The mother and the daughter both broke out into a joyous laughter. To Hana, it was such a thrill to see her daughter again. It felt the same for Maggie. Rarely would she laugh in such an unrestrained manner, except when she was with Edgar. 'It seems, ' she thought, 'I do love Edgar then.'

"Hana, I'm going to visit my friends." After kissing on her mother's cheek, she left the kitchen, but added over her shoulder, "It's a meal for the two of us. Don't cook too much! We shouldn't waste any food." While walking away, she continued, "Or else, Dad is going to 'educate' us again."

"I know!" Hana had begun preparing the meal. "I'll cook some vegetables first. Remember to be back home soon."

"Okay!" Maggie trotted out of the front door. She checked her phone and there were a few messages, but none of them were from Edgar.

Some mild disappointment burrowed into her heart. Shrugging, she then sent Benjamin and Monica some messages before she went to visit her friends. Most of her friends were not home—they were either at school or in the military force for attachment. There were even some who were busy managing their own companies. To Maggie's surprise, Tompson was back as well.

"What? Why do you look like you just ate something bitter the moment you saw me?" Tompson said jokingly.

Maggie twitched her li

ll, but there was a power failure. Am I awesome? Yeah, I know you would undoubtedly question my ability again. You will say 'how could you cause the power failure with the steamed boat', right?

When I can't sleep, I am missing you. I miss you all of the time!"

Such messages were sent to Edgar every day. Sometimes, she even wondered if she had gone crazy or caught some kind of love-sickness. Had she contracted a disease of the heart that was slowly driving her insane? Her close friends Benjamin and Monica both noticed that she was expecting something that would never come. This was so unlike Maggie.

But she persisted in doing this for an entire month, without missing even one day.

Lying on the patient bed in the school's infirmary, Maggie felt her head was heavy. Yet, strangely, the world was spinning in her eyes. Watching the liquid flowing into her vein through the IV, she licked her dry lips and managed to take her phone out. She had to focus on the screen and typing was difficult, but she managed.

"I miss you. How I wish you could appear in front of me right now! Even if you were just a faint shadow. I miss you, my dearest Edgar!"

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