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   Chapter 1305 Extra Story 60 Of Edgar I Miss You

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He abruptly stopped walking. Muscles turning stiff, he turned back and asked, "What did you just say? I... I didn't hear it clearly."

Cathy winked to him and repeated firmly, "Daniel, let's have a baby! Once the drill after the new year is over, let's have one!"

Upon hearing this, Daniel burst out in euphoria. Both excited and at a loss, he exclaimed, "Cathy, remember what you have said! Don't take back your words!"

"I won't take back my words!" she assured him. Cathy's eyebrows shot up and she smiled with confidence. "I have even finished filling in the application form for my pregnancy."

"Ahh!" Daniel roared as he dashed to her, hugged her waist, and lifted her up. He began to spin her round and round, still laughing with joy. "Cathy! My dear Cathy! You have made me the happiest man in the world!"

"Let me down! What are you doing?" she screamed. Blushing, she looked around. Some soldiers had already shot them curious glances. Beating softly on Daniel's shoulders, she demanded, "Daniel, let me go!"

"No! I don't care what the others think!"

What they were doing had attracted everyone's attention. After all, they were a famous couple in the Eagle Special Brigade. Their excitement caused the crowd to wonder if anything special had just happened. And the likeliest reason for these two to behave like that was that Cathy was pregnant!

However, after sometime, there was no change showing in Cathy's abdomen, so Elijah was sent to ask what was really going on. In the end, they realized that their speculations had been proven wrong. Daniel and Cathy weren't happy because they were expecting a baby, but rather they had just decided on having one. Regardless, when everyone heard the news, they still felt happy for Daniel. After all, if they continued to sacrifice all of their time for the

g Maggie back home.

"Maggie, let me cook some real homemade food for you tonight! All of your favorites. What would you like?" Hana's exuberance was almost contagious as she faffed around her daughter. With Maggie back home, Hana felt like she suddenly had endless vigor and power. "It just so happens that the peppers I've grown this year are really good. You will surely enjoy their spiciness!" After that, she started to nag Maggie. "By the way, why do you have such strange tastes? You love spiciness and sweetness together. Maggie, when you get married, I believe you will have a sweet life with your husband. When you quarrel, your spiciness will help you win the fight." Hanna smiled knowingly then.

After hearing what her mother said, Maggie laughed. "Hana, you are thinking too far ahead. Besides, in your eyes, your daughter is always the best! Ha-ha!"

"Of course you are!" Hana continued very proudly, "My daughter is both good-looking and smart. Why wouldn't I think she is the best?" She contemplated for a few seconds. "What is that famous line? Oh, right. You can be cute; you can be silly. You can be an innocent girl; you can be a proud queen. That fits you well. Actually that's really you!"

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