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   Chapter 1304 Extra Story 59 Of Edgar I Miss You

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Maggie gazed at Edgar with a very serious expression on her young face. Even though she more or less knew about these things, she had never seen, or experienced it firsthand herself. She didn't know whether what some of her male friends had told her was true or not, but Monica had told her about it in a really serious manner, which was good enough for Maggie.

This was how the story went... Once upon a time, a man was on a date with a woman in a cafe. The woman was so sexy that every man who saw her would literally bleed from his nose due to his over-excitement. On that day, she had dressed herself to be even more alluring. Her arms, waist, and thighs were all exposed. Even her breasts could vaguely be seen through the thin, almost translucent clothing she was wearing.

The man with her wasn't really the horny type. In fact, he was an innocent, quite unsophisticated man. He was still a virgin! And therefore it was not hard to imagine that every move made by this woman would stimulate the fire in his heart and his loins.

And the most embarrassing thing was that his private parts became so hard and stiff that his pants looked like a tent. Some liquid even began to flow out, staining his trousers. Even after the meal, his dick was still in an excited state and he wasn't even able to walk properly. Thanks to the man's innocence, this sexy woman immediately fell in love with him. Eventually, they got married to each other.

After hearing this story, Maggie then realized that when men were aroused, they weren't able to walk.

It was definitely the most embarrassing moment in Edgar's entire life. He knew that Maggie's brain was different from other girls'. However, was she really different from all the other girls? What was even worse was, the more she stared at his pants, the more stimulated he became. He felt that he could no longer control his burning desire. His mouth was dry and he was at a loss for words. Why was she so oblivious to such things? Under such a circumstance, how could he possibly control his thirst for women?

"Have you seen enough?" Edgar asked, but his voice sounded really strange. It seemed as though he was too excited and too embarrassed at the same time. Luckily it was d

cipating his familiar figure to show up, but he wasn't there. Cathy came up to her and confided in her, "Let me tell you something. The captain was summoned by the senior military officer in the early hours of the morning. If you are fast enough, you might be able to catch up with him." After she said that, she walked to Daniel and bid them all farewell.

It was hard to say goodbye. After all, after training together for these past many months, they had formed strong bonds with each other. However, the rule was unbreakable. They had to report to William and after he signed on their reports, they would be allowed to return to their respective homes. That would mark the end of their military attachment. And they were likely to never work together again.

Cathy and Daniel waved non-stop to them, and they waved back as well. Daniel said, "I heard that Edgar and Maggie returned after 04:00 in the morning. Is that true?"

"That's a secret!" Cathy smiled, pursing her lips. After Daniel gave her a threatening look, she realized that if she didn't share with him right now, he would force her to sexually satiate him until 04:00 in the morning, so she gave up on keeping it a secret and answered, "Yes. I asked someone to wait at the gate for them."

Daniel couldn't help smiling. "As an instructor, you even..." Shaking his head, he smiled helplessly as he turned and added, "But... I like it."

Biting her lip, she watched his back and said, "Daniel, let's have a baby!"

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