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   Chapter 1303 Extra Story 58 of Edgar We Can Try

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6582

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Maggie heard his question and stared back at his face with a seriousness she hardly showed. "Edgar, you may question my ability or my motivation, you might even doubt me as a person. However, I know my feelings and how I feel about you. Whether it is gratitude or something else, I know better. I know the difference." In truth, she was quite annoyed at him right now. Why was it that Edgar always had the ability to set her off with his stupid choice of words? She silently clenched her fists, trying to remain calm.

Edgar said nothing in reply. Instead, he turned his eyes from her serious face and stared into the blank space in front of the car. The tension in the air could be cut with a knife. Outside of the car, it was pitch black. They were both surrounded by a vast and silent darkness. Maggie looked away, as she felt like the immense blackness was swallowing her up like a gigantic monster.

Why didn't Edgar say anything more to her? In this dead silence, she started to feel awkward and uneasy. Maggie rolled her eyes uncomfortably, and her lips were still clamped tightly together. Finally, she cleared her throat and broke the silence with a moan. "What is your problem? Why don't you say anything anymore..."

"We can try," he interrupted her. Edgar's voice was strangely calm, as if he was talking about the weather.

"We?" Maggie murmured. She bit her bottom lip hard as she was utterly surprised to hear his suggestion.

Then she saw the deep look in his eyes. His face was full of sincerity as he said, "I am 12 years older than you. I used to have a girlfriend who I was in love with deeply. She was my first love. Well, I guess Cathy has told you about that." A glimpse of sadness briefly reflected in his eyes as he lowered his head and continued, "I can't say that I have forgotten her. But it is true we've had closure. I am over her now. Time heals everything. After all, so many years have passed." He paused for a moment, as if to thin

ggie swallowed hard. The cloth of his pockets was so thin that she thought her fingers could be burnt any second. What should she do now? She didn't dare to look Edgar in the eye. The ambiance in the car was a strange mix of awkwardness and lust. 'Would he think that I am a slut?' The embarrassing thought occurred to Maggie.

Before she could think of an answer for herself. Edgar skillfully pulled her hands out of his pockets. The strange burning sensation on her fingers was instantly gone as, once again, her hands were exposed to the fresh air.

Edgar's face was full of awkwardness himself and he swallowed down the groan that choked his throat. His groin hurt but he knew that he shouldn't do anything to her now. Painfully, he cast a glance in Maggie's direction and tried to distract himself from any guilty notions. How come he had so easily lost his cool just now? Edgar bitterly shook his head. Right now, he must be disciplined and focus on the driving.

Edgar closed his eyes briefly and then reached for the car key. He hoped that by driving along, they both might forget the incident.

"Are you sure that you are able to drive the car right now?" Maggie's sweet voice sounded both curious and innocent. "Edgar, I heard that under such circumstances, it even hurts for men to walk."


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