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   Chapter 1302 Extra Story 57 of Edgar We Can Try

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Updated: 2019-09-17 00:04

Maggie stared at Edgar in surprise, her mind had gone blank. She couldn't figure out what exactly was going on. For a while, she simply stared at his handsome face, trying to excavate some information from his expression. As they had been driving for quite a while, far away from Eagle, eventually she cleared her throat and asked bluntly, "What is the problem?"

Edgar cast a plaintive glance in her direction. He was slightly annoyed by her question, however he controlled his inner feelings, turned his head forward and briefly replied with an aloof tone, "Maggie, why do you have to have so many questions?" He sounded quite indifferent. Maggie turned down her lips bitterly. She could tell that he was not in a mood to explain any details to her. She tilted her head slightly and could see the cold look in his eyes. The car's headlights illuminated the road ahead of them as they drove along in silence.

Maggie was not offended at all, on the contrary, she was slightly amused by his reaction. She straightened her back and tried to sit more comfortably. He had bundled her into the car quite unceremoniously. Her mind was still quite muddled from the drinking, however, at the back of her mind, a voice was suggesting that Edgar might just be shy at the moment. The atmosphere in the car seemed awkward at the moment.

A timidly sweet smile cracked her face. Maggie's thoughts went wild, and her palms became even sweatier. She couldn't help thinking about the possibility of his next move. What would Edgar do to her? Would he actually give in to his lust and then... What would she do if that were the case? Should she hold out against him or play hard to get? Oh gosh! She was not ready to deal with this kind of situation at all! Would it be inappropriate if she actively responded to his desire? Would it be too much at this stage of their relationship?

These crazy thoughts instantly turned her face feverish. Maggie silently sucked air into her burning lungs and closed her eyes in awkwardness. Fortunately, the light was quite dim inside the car. She knew he hadn't noticed her strange behavior. Maggie quickly turned her head to the window. She really needed some time to calm herself down. The road was quite dark, and the patch of space ahead of the car was the only place being illuminated. She couldn't see clearly outside, however, her attention was uncontrollably caught

's voice was as cold as his look.

Maggie innocently pressed a hand to her ruby lips and then she looked directly into his dark eyes. With all her courage, she said to him word by word, "You cannot take things for granted... Anything can happen."

Her words fueled a strange fire in Edgar's heart. He muttered, "Damn it. I never take things for granted. You little brat, you broke my concentration!"

"What did you say?" She hadn't quite caught his words. "I didn't hear you clearly."

Edgar gave her a pointed look as he let go of her wrist. Then he turned his face to the front. The light in the car was so dim that she almost missed the strange fire burning in his eyes. Slowly, he said to her, "Maggie, have you made up your mind?"

"What?" Maggie didn't know what to say. All she could do was to look at him with a dumbstruck expression. Sometimes, she'd feel as though neither of them were on the same page, but she lacked the courage to bring it up in conversation.

Edgar tilted his head slightly. His eyes fixed firmly on her beautiful face. Despite the dim light, he could still clearly see the confused look in her big brown eyes. "I said," he paused briefly and then continued calmly, "Maggie, do you want to be with me because you are grateful to me or is there something else?" His words were direct and his voice was deep, magnetic, and hypnotizing. He also sounded rather impatient. Ever since the day Maggie came into his life, he started to lose patience more easily than he used to. He had no idea why he often became this moody and restless whenever she was around.

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