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   Chapter 1301 Extra Story 56 of Edgar Face Up To The Problem

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5946

Updated: 2019-09-16 02:51

Maggie pouted upon hearing his order. Noticing nothing of the gentleness in his eyes, but only seeing that he sat down rather furiously, she heavily set the glass down with an angry thump. Then, she responded in a flippant tone, "Fine, I will not drink any more... Ever since I joined your team, you have been scolding or punishing me every time we meet. Even on my farewell party, you're still ordering me around..." Maggie mumbled very angrily, complaining about how badly Edgar had treated her. Through her blurred vision, she noticed that all the others were staring at her, and she added in a discontented manner, "Why are you all looking at me... Hmph! I am not afraid of being punished. At worst, I will be running carrying something heavy on my back later. I don't care how you will punish me!"

The corners of his mouth twitching, Garth responded, "Maggie, we are afraid of you..." After he finished, he squinted at Edgar whose face had become sullen. Garth reached a compromise with Maggie in an attempt to calm her down and not to make things worse, because they had all intended to bring Edgar and her together by taking advantage of this golden opportunity tonight. He thought that if something bad happened to destroy their hopes of the relationship, Maggie would blame him, once she sobered up, for not having stopped her.

But Garth needn't have worried about stopping Maggie, because before he could say something to persuade or instruct her, Maggie was whisked away... Edgar hurriedly pulled Maggie from the room before anyone else could react, and the guests only heard a shriek from Maggie.

While being towed along behind Edgar, Maggie was still seemingly drunk, cursing and complaining loudly. Seeing that Edgar had swiftly taken Maggie out of the canteen

zed along her way. All of a sudden, she recalled what had happened just now. Thinking of her behavior earlier, she felt so embarrassed and shy that she wanted to find a hole to crawl inside and hide. At the very beginning, she had intended to pretend as if she was still drunk. But after some thought, she felt that it was too mean-spirited for her to act that way. She was not that kind of person. Still feeling ashamed, she asked softly, "Edgar, where are you taking me?"

Without giving her any reply, Edgar instead pushed her into his car. Then, he shut the door, climbed into the driver's seat, started the engine, and drove swiftly out from the Eagle Special Brigade. The guards standing at the gate let them through, as they saw that the car was their captain's.

Maggie, who sat in the passenger's seat, shouted, "Edgar, where on earth are you taking me?"

Edgar glanced sideways at Maggie, opened a cooler box, tossed a bottle of mineral water at her and said, "Calm yourself down, or else I am afraid that you will regret what we are going to do later!"

Maggie gasped at the intended meaning and clung to the cold bottle of water as they sped along the dark highway.

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