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   Chapter 1300 Extra Story 55 of Edgar Face Up To The Problem

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6508

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Maggie and some other interns had almost worked in the basic level for nine months. Generally speaking, they would continue working here as long as they completed their internship here. But because of their special fields of study, they had to return to their schools to write academic papers for graduation. Where they would work after their graduation would finally be determined according to their former employer's opinions, their personal views, their learning situation and their overall knowledge.

Tomorrow, Maggie and some other interns were going to leave this place. Maggie, Garth, Jake and Edith were all from different schools. Over the past few months of their internship, they had worked and gotten along with each other every day. As time passed by, the four of them had developed indestructible friendships with each other. After they left here, they would return to their respective schools, and after their graduation, they might not have the opportunity to work together again in S Army. As the four of them thought that they had to leave and were not sure when they would meet again, they felt rather sad.

Tonight, Cathy was hosting a small farewell party for the four of them. Members of the Falcon Commando, all the members of the squad, and of the sniper company that Maggie had joined previously were invited. Edgar and members of the team in charge of new combat tactics also took part in this party. As a whole, about thirty to forty people were present.

Edgar was the last one that arrived at the party. As others saw him coming, all of them stood up immediately and saluted him. As soon as Edgar arrived, he nodded to Gordon and motioned for him to leave. Gordon understood what he meant and bowed politely. Before he left, he greeted all the others present, smiling.

"Take it easy! This party is not being held for me. If I knew that my presence here would make you feel nervous and reserved I wouldn't have sho

Maggie spoke loudly like a self-righteous man, speaking with exaggerated posturing as almost half of the wine in the glass had spilled out.

Looking at her antics, everyone present, except for Edgar, chuckled... They were the top elites in the S Army. Having known Maggie and Edgar for such a long time, they fully knew that Maggie held great affection for Edgar, or else they wouldn't have deserved their titles as elites.

Slightly looking down at Maggie, Edgar yelled with his eyebrows knitted, "Maggie Du..."

"Yes, sir!" Maggie instinctively shot upright upon hearing Edgar's order. She reacted so hurriedly that almost the whole glass of wine in her hand splashed through the air.

Edgar's frown furrowed even deeper, while everyone around them were trying very hard to suppress their laughter. They had all been waiting to see what on earth Maggie would do tonight. What they wished to see the most was Maggie publicly confessing her love for their captain, so they could then be together at long last.

"From this moment, I will not allow you to drink any more wine, and don't even touch these glasses... That is an order!" After he finished speaking, Edgar noticed that Maggie's cheeks had blushed rosy pink. At the sight of this, his eyes softened, becoming warmer and tenderer.

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