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   Chapter 1298 Extra Story 53 Of Edgar The Relationship Is Decided

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The new recruit stood up and threw a glance at Gordon's military uniform. Seeing that there were no badges, he said, "Sir, you and another officer passed by here a while ago, but you're here again. Have you come for me?"

Gordon was taken aback. It was quite noisy around and many officers walked to and from in order to take a look at the new recruits, among whom quite a few had removed their shoulder marks just as Edgar and Gordon had. However, this new recruit had noticed that they had already passed by the place once. Immediately, he agreed with Edgar on this boy's potential to be an outstanding sniper. "First of all, you can't call me 'Sir', because you haven't formally joined the army yet. Secondly, I've not come here for you. I was just a bit intrigued by the book in your hands." While saying so, he lowered his sight to glance at the book. Then he turned around and left with a faint smile.

"What do you think?" Edgar asked when Gordon walked back to his side.

Despite his arrogance in front of the new recruit, Gordon was as obedient as a pet dog in front of Edgar. "Sir, you told me to go take a look at his book because you wanted to check his observational abilities, right?" Gordon asked.

A smirk appeared on Edgar's face. He took a quick glance at the new recruit, then turned around. "Let's go," he said.

"Yes, sir!" Gordon replied, walking towards the gate with Edgar.

When they arrived at the gate, they saw Claire and the leader of the company she belonged to, arrive at the accommodation. "Edgar," she greeted him.

After throwing a cold glance at Claire, Edgar turned away from her to look at the man beside her. He said, "Hello, Mr. Meng. Looks like the new recruits are drawing a lot of attention this time, aren't they?"

Battalion Commander Meng laughed heartily. "Even you, the head of the Eagle Special Brigade, is here. So, it's only obvious that I come and check the new blood too." After stealing a quick glance at Claire, who wasn't looking at him, he continued, "I was planning to come and meet you after having a look around here. Now that we're both here, could I have a word with you privately?" He hinted with his eyes, indicating Edg

are also clearing the snow in the process. So, all is good. Sir, if I didn't have to go out with you, I would have built one myself." There was very little entertainment in military camps. A small party would be the only best way to have fun as far as they could imagine. This was especially true for the Eagle Special Brigade, who had busier schedules than any other unit. The members of the Eagle had to attend training sessions from morning to night. They were too busy to take time off for relaxation. Even during the New Year, they could not relax like the other brigades. That being the case, they were always looking forward to some good snowfall, because then they could have fun in the name of clearing the snow and building snowmen in the process.

Hearing Gordon's silent complaint, Edgar half-smiled, half-frowned at him. They went upstairs. However, he stopped on the stairs when he saw the person standing in front of his office door.

With her hands clasped behind her back tightly and her head lowered, Maggie stood there, kicking her toe on the ground in a bored, sulky mood. She didn't realize that Edgar was watching her. She thought that the footstep was somebody else's because she wasn't expecting him to arrive this soon. When she saw the black leather shoes in front of her, she raised her eyes slowly to look at the straight olive-green military trousers and an olive- green informal coat. She stared directly into Edgar's dark eyes.

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