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   Chapter 1297 Extra Story 52 Of Edgar The Relationship Is Decided

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With a huge smile on his face, William fixed his eyes on Edgar. Edgar had been his subordinate since before he was transferred to work for the government. To his surprise, when Edgar returned to the military, he was placed in the S Army and had become his subordinate again. William and Hana believed earnestly that Edgar would be the most suitable husband for their daughter in every aspect, despite their age difference. The most important factor was that Edgar was a trustworthy man and Maggie loved him.

Edgar kept his face devoid of any expression after hearing William's question. Instead of answering him, Edgar asked back, "Uncle William, what do you mean?" When William smiled in response to his question, he continued to ask, "Are you willing to let an old man like me marry your only daughter?"

William was stunned for a moment. He burst into laughter, pointing his index finger at Edgar. He shook his head helplessly. Still laughing, he explained, "Edgar, you are not that old. And it is not Hana's or my decision to make. Although we are strict with Maggie, we are not old-fashioned parents. We know what's good for her. You being elder than her has its own merits. You will treat her well and tolerate her stubbornness." Gradually, the laughter disappeared from his face. On a more serious note, he continued, "Hana and I want nothing but her happiness. She is our only child."

Edgar listened to William earnestly. As a subordinate and as the son of William's dear friend, he was more modest in front of William than in front of anybody else.

"Edgar, you must tell me the truth," William said with a sombre look. "What do you think of Maggie? I have heard various versions of stories about the two of you. I don't know which one is real; I am not sure if any of it is real. I want to hear the truth directly from your mouth."

Edgar had nothing to think about. He spoke what was on his mind. "Uncle William, you know everything about me. You and my father were comrade-in-arms. You have watched me grow up." After a short pause, he said with a small smile, "If you allow me to be with Maggie, I promise that I will never disappoint you or Aunt Hana."

"Ah..." William chuckled, nodding happily. "I trust you, Edgar. I have nothing more

icult candidate to deal with, while the second looked like a bookworm. "Sir, the two of them have totally different dispositions. Will this be okay?"

With a faint smile, Edgar explained, "What you see at this moment is superficial. If you look closely, they both have good physique. The one playing around is quite fastidious, just like Sparrow Hawk. As for the bookworm, did you see what book he is reading?"

"I didn't pay much attention to the book," Gordon answered honestly.

Instead of giving Gordon the answer directly, he hinted at him to go and check it for himself. Out of curiosity, Gordon went to take a look at what the bookworm was reading. As he walked towards him, he figured that the boy was probably reading some fantasy novel or an urban romantic fiction. But Gordon was in for a surprise again.

The title of the book read: Snipe Tactics and Loneliness. Gordon knew at once that Edgar's selection wasn't wrong. Not many people could sit and learn those theories patiently. It was pretty obvious that this new recruit had come from the urban area and that he knew about advanced theories, which would be his weapons for his further development.

Gordon didn't stop anywhere near the boy, he only glanced at the book and casually passed by him.

"Hold on a second," the new recruit said, raising his head to look at Gordon suspiciously.

Gordon stopped in his tracks. He turned around, looked at the new recruit, and asked while pointing at himself, "Are you talking to me?"

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