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   Chapter 1296 Extra Story 51 Of Edgar Expressed Her Love Suddenly

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 9748

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His family had already decided his future, but he refused to accept it, so he deliberately chose to answer only a few questions and didn't finish all of the topics in the examination. However, his failure had given Maggie a position higher than him, and as the No.1 of the city, she often laughed at him.

But Maggie didn't know that he refused to listen to his family and gave up the chance to enter National Defense University for her sake. Against all odds, he had chosen to become a military physician because of her. Human nature was strange sometimes. Life had two sides, but they would only know which side was correct when walking to the end.

Tompson turned around and walked to Edgar's dorm, sighing in defeat. Edgar was the person he admired the most, and Maggie was the woman he liked the most. If the two were in a relationship, it would indeed be great.

It was not Tompson's style to be a coward, but he could clearly see that Maggie's feelings for Edgar was not the kind that he wanted. He just felt grateful because of what had happened in the past, and he knew how a woman thought of a man.

"Knock, knock."

"Come in!"

Tompson pushed the door open, walked in and saw Edgar dressing in casual wear. He asked doubtfully, "Have you forgotten that I am supposed to check up on you?"

"You are late..." Edgar checked his watch. "I am going to the Mechanization Brigade to discuss something with Officer Su."

"Didn't you work on the night shift? You are in high spirits... If I didn't know, I would have thought that you had slept all night." He gave Edgar a critical look and put the medical bag on the table. Taking out some equipment he said, "Anyway, I am here now, so let me examine you."

Edgar looked at him helplessly and stopped dressing. He disrobed and let Tompson examine him, saying, "I don't understand. You are so insistent and didn't accept the choice Officer Lin made for you."

"I have a professional spirit and love what I do." Tompson retorted, "My choices have nothing to do with my father."

"The rebellious Tompson of the past chose to stay in Eagle. And it has been so many years. In fact, I always want to ask you: Why did you change your mind later?" Edgar lay on his stomach and let Tompson check the burn scabs on his back.

"Buddha says... some stories are better left untold." Tompson squatted and examined him carefully, saying, "You have a body of iron. It is almost recovered. But, when all the scabs slough off, your back will be ugly..."

"I am not a woman!" Edgar laughed. "Anyway, better my back than my face. It won't become a problem if one day I were to get married."

Tompson was amused. "If you could be so humorous in front of women, your marriage problem would have been solved a long time ago."

"You are smooth-tongued, but your own marriage will soon become a problem." Edgar quickly dressed and looked at Tompson getting his equipm

ar to remain as the others left. "Maggie will go back to school in a few days, right?"

"Hmm, in eleven days," Edgar answered evenly.

William drank some water, while observing Edgar over the rim of the glass. "What's your plan? Will you let her stay in Eagle or have you got another plan?"

"Maggie and Garth can stay, but Jake and Edith have not proven suitable. Their physical and mental strengths are inferior." Edgar didn't mince words and spoke the truth. "But it will be up to Maggie and Garth. It's their decision. After all, life in Eagle will be hard."

"You know well enough the type of people you feel satisfied with..." William was glad that Edgar had praised his daughter. "I have seen the report on Garth. He is a budding soldier... As for Maggie... You know that the girl is stubborn." He stopped for a while and changed the subject. "Let's leave business behind for a moment." Unsure as to whether it was hard for him to find the right words, or if he didn't know what to say, William drank some water before speaking again, "Edgar, regardless of my rank, you can call me Uncle William in private. When your parents lived in our city, both our families got along well with each other. If your family's patriarch hadn't gone to A City and I didn't come to S City, our two families might have been together till now..."

"Uncle William, you can say anything to me. Just be candid." Edgar was thoughtful but didn't want to beat about the bush, and clearly William was building up to saying something. "I am listening."

William put down the glass and laughed. Then he looked at Edgar seriously and stated, "Maggie is my daughter. As her father, I can guess correctly most of what goes on in her head and what she plans on doing, even if I can't guess all of it... Tell me frankly. Has the girl shown love to you?"

This was a question which had been looming in the shadows for a while now, and Edgar was not surprised.

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