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   Chapter 1295 Extra Story 50 Of Edgar Expressed Her Love Suddenly

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Maggie raised her chin determinedly and let him look at her. It was no problem if he kept looking at her for one or two minutes, but five minutes later, Edgar still stared at her, and his sharp eyes seemed to see right through her. Ultimately, she was unable to stand it and had to lower her face, while her lips trembled. She looked restlessly at him and felt confused. "Eh, Did...did I frighten you?"

Edgar sneered and then looked down, continuing to work. When he finished signing, he called Gordon to come in and handed him the papers. "Give all these to the senior military officer. Tell him that I am considering his offer and will have an answer for him by tonight."

"Yes, sir!" Gordon replied immediately and accepted the file folder. Then he saluted before turning to leave. However, as he left, he gave Maggie a meaningful look.

Maggie found Gordon's glance to be encouraging. It contained many emotions that she didn't know how to articulate, but understood, nonetheless. Moreover, she seemed to find support in his brief look. She swallowed and looked forward, drawing courage to face Edgar again.

The sound of the door closing gently brought Maggie back to her senses as she studied Edgar's movements. She saw him picking up the internal telephone, making a phone call to tell someone to do something. Even after everything was done and more than half an hour had passed, Maggie remained in her spot, as if deeply rooted to the ground.

"Okay. Let's talk about our problem." Edgar looked at Maggie seriously. "What did you say just now?"

"Sir!" Maggie responded with an aggressive stance. "I said we should talk with you about our relationship!"

"Oh?" The moment Edgar heard this he couldn't stop laughing. It was either because of her anger, or her words. "Our relationship? Do we have some sort of relationship... that we should talk about so seriously?"

"Yes, sir!" Maggie didn't look away, and she was determined to pursue Edgar. She would later determine if he indeed had moral issues or not. Furthermore, if they were in a relationship in future and he had any intention of being unfaithful, he wouldn't dare to cheat on her. Otherwise, William Du would beat him to death.

Maggie had planned for everything. For instance, because she had special

he opened the door, Maggie found Tompson standing outside. She was distracted by what had just transpired and only glanced sideways at him before leaving.

Tompson looked at Maggie's back and struggled to control himself, but in the end he still stopped her.

"What's up?" Tompson had been Maggie's nemesis for a long time.

He moved forward and looked Maggie up and down, asking, "Did you... express your love to the captain?"

"That's none of your business!" Maggie snapped crossly.

Tompson wore a bitter smile but pretended to be calm. "Fine. I just want to see your failure anyways."

"Tompson Lin!" Maggie was so angry that she clenched her fists and wanted to hit him, but she thought it was not the right place, so she barely managed to control herself. "Huh, don't worry. I have never failed, unlike someone else I know." She snorted and glared at him with disdain before turning to leave with a victorious step.

Tompson stared at Maggie's back with a yearning, and didn't react even after she disappeared around the corner of the stairs. His mind drifted back to eleven years ago... Back when he was seventeen years old and Maggie was fourteen.

Tompson had failed in the college entrance examination, but she had been admitted to his high school as the top student of the entire city. Just as Maggie had said, she had never failed. She wanted to win at everything and be the example of the whole neighborhood. All of the parents would compare their kids with Maggie, no matter how old they were.

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